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Keep your office space in AZ motivated — even when it's vacation season — with these different approaches.

When you work in a Phoenix office space, it’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful weather outside and the potential adventures summer has to offer. It’s even more difficult to stay motivated after you hear about all the fun your co-workers have planned in the upcoming weeks. If you find office productivity waning, try these approaches to keep your office space in AZ running at full power during vacation season.


Embrace It

The weather outside is lovely, so you might as well enjoy it. When you find yourself getting distracted take a short break. Get your co-workers in on the fun by planning a group lunch that’s not in the office or bring in games for some ongoing friendly competition. Even a quick game of tic-tac-toe on the whiteboard in a meeting room of your Phoenix office space will provide a nice break to the day. If the office dress code is strict, ask a manager if they would consider easing up on the rules during the hot months. Wear something comfortable on days when you won’t be meeting clients, or make every day casual Friday.


Wear Blinders

If embracing the temptation only leaves you wanting more, block out all distractions. Pump up the office with a playlist full of motivating songs. Reorganize your work area to minimize distractions — start with these spring cleaning tips. If the entire office needs an overhaul, select a day to host a summer cleaning power hour. Tackle those files that are no longer needed and get rid of any clutter that could be slowing down productivity. A fresh clean look is sure to reinvigorate and motivate.


Plan for Success

Whether it’s you heading off for some rest and relaxation or a co-worker, planning is key. To truly disconnect while on vacation, have a plan in place to ensure all tasks will be completed and any issues that could arise can be handled. Start by prioritizing each task in a master spreadsheet and include which team member will take the lead in your absence. Include any details that might be important and complete as much of the leg work as possible to set the office up for success while you are away.


Remember that when you’re on vacation, you’re on vacation. Just as it was important to keep up the productivity at work, it’s important to relax while you’re away. This way, when you return to your Phoenix office space you can return refreshed and eager to work.


Which approach works best for your office space in AZ? Let us know in a comment on our LinkedIn page.


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Should You Play Music At The Office?

Listening to music at your Arizona office space can increase productivity.

Listening to music at work is a topic everyone has an opinion on. If the great debate of whether music builds or depletes productivity has occurred at your Arizona office space, this blog is for you. As a real estate company specializing in Arizona commercial office space, we have seen the trend of open-plan offices grow, resulting in noisier spaces and employees opting for headphones.

It turns out the correlation between music and productivity is not straightforward. Whether music helps or hurts productivity can depend on the work environment, the type of task you are working on, and the type of music playing.


Music Based On Environment 

If you work in an open-plan office, or if your Arizona office space is on the noisier side, music can increase productivity. Trying to focus on your tasks can be difficult when you are picking up different pieces of conversations being held around your office. In this case, music has the ability to block out the office noise and gives you the opportunity to focus on your tasks without getting distracted.


Music Based on Task

Repetitive Task

Most positions include some element of repetitive tasks. If you are working on a repetitive task, music is said to increase the speed and efficiency at which you accomplish those tasks. These mundane tasks can have a negative effect on your mood, and listening to music can make you happy and relax you as you plow through your pile of work.

Learning Something New

When you are trying to focus on learning something new, your brain is working to analyze and understand the information you are obtaining. When music is added to the mix, the brain begins multitasking to process the music as well, making it more difficult to retain the information you are trying to learn.

 Language-Based Task

If you’re doing a language-based task, music with lyrics can be distracting. Similar to when you are learning something new, the brain is processing the information you are consuming and adding music can split your focus and derail productivity.


How To Build Your Office Music Arsenal

Avoid New Music
To keep productivity at a high, avoid listening to new music at the office. The intrigue of listening to a new song can cause a level of excitement that will outweigh the feelings you have toward your work, potentially resulting in paying more attention to the music than your tasks.

Mix Up The Style

Some research has shown that different types of music pair better with different tasks. Add these styles to your playlist:

  • Classical – thought to improve accuracy
  • Pop – thought to reduce mistakes & increase speed of data entry
  • Dance – thought to improve proofreading speed
  • Ambient – thought to improve accuracy in data entry


Create a playlist or two of music without lyrics to ensure you can receive all the positive attribute of productiveness music provides without overloading your brain. Non-lyrical music will allow your brain to focus on a linguistic task without having to multitask.

Music has the capability to increase productivity and make your office an enjoyable place. What music mix works best at your Arizona office space? Let us know by commenting our LinkedIn. If you’re searching for an Arizona commercial space, contact us.



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Spring is in the air and you know what that means — it’s time for spring cleaning. In addition to deep cleaning and tidying up your home, this is a great time to get your Phoenix office space in order. A little bit of organizing goes a long way and can increase office productivity. We’ve put together a list of the top ways to get any Arizona office space de-cluttered and running efficiently.


Organize Your Desk

Being organized is one of the simplest ways to increase productivity. When you know where everything is, you can reduce the amount of time spent tracking down information and stay focused on the task at hand.


Start by clearing the clutter. Reserve the surface of your desk for items you need to accomplish your daily tasks, like your computer, a notepad, pen, and phone. Everything else can be put into a drawer, filed away, or tossed out. The one exception? Personal items that bring you a bit of joy. Corral miscellaneous cables stretched across your desk with a desk cable clip.


Create a filing system. Determine the best system for filing based on your workflow. Label each file appropriately and place all related papers in their designated folder. If possible, create a digital filing system and forgo paper copies altogether. Scan the existing documents you need to keep and shred the rest. A digital filing system makes searching for and sharing documents easier.


Sanitize to stay healthy. Nothing can throw a wrench in your productivity like having to take a sick day. Once your desk is organized, disinfect your station. Get in the habit of sanitizing your area on a regular basis to keep potential sick days at bay.


Get Your Digital Life in Order

Just as the clutter on your desk can add stress to your workday, so can a busy desktop. If you save files to your desktop for easy access, create folders and shortcuts to minimize the space taken up on your home screen.


It can be easy to turn your email inbox into a to-do list, but, for the sake of productivity, it is time to stop. Instead of flagging important emails that you plan to get to later, file them. Duplicate the filing system you created at your desk or digitally in your inbox. That way, you can ensure nothing will fall through the cracks and you will always know where to find the information you need.


Have a Maintenance Plan

Keep your Arizona office space clean and productive all year long by creating a plan that makes organization a priority.


Set boundaries for yourself. Give yourself one filing cabinet, shelf, drawer, etc. and once it’s full it is time to reorganize and recycle. By limiting the amount of space you have, you will continue to be conscious about how you organize your space.


Build in flexibility. Keeping your office organized and de-cluttered will help you be more productive year round, but during the day-to-day, it may be difficult to always live by these clean rules. Designate a space, such as a drawer or a file, as a temporary storage place. Set a recurring appointment on your calendar to clean out that space every two weeks or once a month to ensure it doesn’t become a bottleneck in your organized office.


Do you have any spring cleaning tips for your Phoenix office space that we missed? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for an Arizona office space, contact us today.




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New Business Owners: Do These Things First


You finally did it. You took a risk and started that business you’ve been contemplating for years. Maybe you’re still looking for a Phoenix office space, hiring your team, and simply trying to get your feet under yourself. After working with many different organizations and helping brand-new to decades-old businesses find their Phoenix commercial office spaces — plus using our experience from managing our own business — we’ve formed a list of tips new business owners should know.


Without further ado, let’s dive in.


Don’t Do Everything
There’s plenty to do as a business owner. There’s also plenty of things you shouldn’t be doing. A common mistake many business owners make is trying to do everything.


Each person is different, but accounting and finances are often something left to the professionals. Often, businesses close because of finances. You may think you’re doing things right, only to discover, down the road, that you’re operating at a loss. Save yourself a headache and financial stress and hire a professional.


Other things to consider are time and talents. Sure, you might be able to schedule a few “quick” social posts, but are you monitoring how much time that actually takes? Plus, maybe someone could do it better. Make sure you’re constantly aware of where your time is being spent.


Put Agreements in Writing
While this may sound tedious, boring, and overprotective, there’s a reason why every functioning company puts agreements in writing. If it’s done correctly it makes things clear for both parties and sets expectations for the client. Invest your time and efforts now on this portion of your business and consider hiring an attorney to help.


Find a Mentor
If you don’t have someone to talk to that’s been where you’ve been and overcome the same difficulties, you may be missing out on second-hand learning opportunities. Find a local mentor that has accomplished what you want to be doing in five or ten years.


Find the Right Space, At the Right Time
Make sure you’re thinking about your location in terms of convenience for your clients and consider what a potential Phoenix office space says about your company. Sometimes, landlords have stipulations against changing a space too much. Finding the right fit can take time, so don’t rush into this decision!


Get Up Quickly
It’s a fact of life that mistakes will be made. Especially when you’re running a business. The difference between successful business owners and those that fail is how they react to failure. A successful business owner will bounce back; they’ll learn from the experience and apply the lessons learned towards their business.


Think Locally, Grow Gradually
Develop your business in the local market first. If your business develops quickly and you see success, make sure you have strong foundations before growing too quickly. Start with a strong, efficient small business and grow into a strong, efficient large business.
From finding a Phoenix commercial office space to overcoming a failure, being a business owner is a nonstop job. Are you a business owner? Have any tips we missed? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for a Phoenix office space, please contact us!


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If you find yourself dealing with stress at your Phoenix office space, try these 10 tips on the Camroad Properties blog.

Let’s face it, no industry is safe from workplace stress. When you find yourself feeling down or overwhelmed at your Phoenix office space there are many things you can do to get yourself out of a funk. Because we work with many organizations through our Phoenix commercial office real estate business, we thought it would be helpful to share tips to destress at the workplace.


Sunshine Folder
If you find yourself feeling like you can’t do anything right, start compiling the kudos you receive from clients, coworkers, and your boss into a “Sunshine Folder”. That way, you can look back at the impact you’ve made and feel confident when stress hits.


Smell The Stress Away
Have you ever caught a whiff of lavender and notice your entire body relax? Scent can be a powerful tool. Stash a bottle of essential oil that helps curb anxiety at your desk. When you’re feeling stressed, place a drop or two on your palms. Form your hands into a cup shape, place them over your nose and mouth, and breathe deeply. You can also use a diffuser at your work station to continually smell the relaxing oil.


Clear your head and uplift your spirit by laughing. Watch a short video on YouTube or talk with that one co-worker who always makes you laugh.


Tea Time
Keep tea at your desk to always be prepared for a stressful day. There are many options that lower cortisol and anxiety levels. Just make sure you opt for one that won’t make you drowsy.


Listening to your favorite artist is the perfect way to get into a happy state. Make your own playlists or use Spotify’s preset playlists under the “Mood” section on the “Browse” tab. They have a variety of mixes with calming piano, ambient electronic, upbeat, happy songs, and more.


Meditate and Practice Gratitude
Find a spot in your Phoenix office space to meditate and breathe deeply. You can also carry a gratitude journal to practice being thankful. Both, especially when practiced regularly, are powerful contenders against stress.


Get Outside
If the weather allows, head outside. Experience the sunshine on your face and rejuvenate your day by taking a stroll.


Treat Yourself
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, treat yourself to something you love. Enjoy a latte at that beloved coffee shop near the office or stash your favorite book at your desk and read a chapter on your lunch break. A small treat will lift your spirits.


Talk It Out
If you find yourself reeling from a conversation or can’t get out of a funk, consider talking with a confidant that can give you sage advice and offer some empathy. Step out of your Phoenix office space and make a quick call to a loved one or ask a trusted coworker if they would walk around the block with you and talk it out.


Move Around
If you have a private spot in your office, stash a yoga mat at your desk. When stress hits, take 10 minutes to practice yoga. Make sure you close your eyes and breathe.



Do you have any tips for managing stress at your office? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn. If you’re looking for Phoenix office space, contact us! We specialize in the Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix commercial office industry.


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As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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