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Central Arizona Goodwill Receives $250,000

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Commercial lease Arizona activities have taken a generous holiday turn; as reported by the Phoenix Business Journal, Michael Pollack, founder and CEO of a real estate investment company in the Valley, has donated $250,000 to Goodwill.

Goodwill is a non-profit organization that provides jobs and training to individuals from all walks of life. They serve immigrants, people with criminal backgrounds and disabilities, seniors, veterans, the youth, and other individuals facing employment challenges, vowing to provide disadvantaged individuals with the tools to reach their fullest potentials in life. The organization, a global presence that has operated since 1902, encourages people to learn how to become productive members of society.

It operates 46 retail stores in Arizona, including 42 Valley stores. Central Arizona Goodwill was founded in 1947 and continues to operate under the mission of providing individuals with work opportunity, a fact that has impacted Pollack’s life personally.

“I have met many people who graduated from Goodwill’s training programs and those in important positions today who could not have made it years ago, were it not for Goodwill,” he told the Phoenix Business Journal in November. “When you make a donation to Goodwill, you see the difference it is making and the impact it has on people’s lives.”

Central Arizona Goodwill president and CEO Jim Teter states that the organization is grateful. “The board will be getting together to decide upon the best way to utilize his very generous donation, some of which has already been chosen to go toward expanded job training and a new career center,” he states.

Perhaps it is a sign of the ending recession that the commercial lease Arizona industry is in a position to donate such substantial amounts. It is readily apparent that the money will be used according to Goodwill’s mission statement. In the spirit of the holidays, learn more about Goodwill Central Arizona at and see the difference they are making in the community.

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Google and the ASA

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

This month in commercial real estate news, Google Inc. signed a contract to purchase the office building that houses its New York City office spaces. The property is valued at approximately $1.9 billion and is a massive 2.9 million-square-foot office space behemoth. It houses big-name telecommunication companies like Nike Inc., Lifetime cable, and WebMD.

Google encompasses about 500,000 square feet in the office building and is likely to keep the contract due to the company’s substantial deposit amount at signing.

Purchases like these move contrary to the nationwide struggle of the commercial real estate industry. Despite this, major cities like New York and Washington have been the site of commercial property values increasing alongside widespread investor’s interest in well-leased properties due to their attractive returns.

States like Arizona, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, however, are receiving a major stimulus through recently enacted laws by the American Subcontractors Association Inc. The ASA’s new laws strengthen the financial position of subcontractors by prompting payment. They also restrict retainage, which is defined as “withholding a portion of progress payments due subcontractors, and withholding them without cause.”

A subcontractor is the individual or company hired by contractors to provide a previously agreed-upon portion of the work or services on a project. In building construction specifically, subcontractors may work with plumbing, roofing, cement work, and plastering. The subcontractor has a right to be paid for his or her work, including any extra time spent and materials expended.

ASA president Timmy McLaughlin was quoted as saying, “The only thing worse than no job is a job with a non-paying customer.”

In Arizona specifically, Governor Jan Brewer’s signing of SB1375 in May established strict timetables for payment, as well as strengthening rights under retainage rules. Any individual’s biggest concern in the Arizona office space world is getting paid promptly for their work, and the ASA’s new enactment – strengthened by SB1375 – ensure that under law.

Developments like these bode well for Arizona office space because the growing attractiveness of investment commercial real estate – brought to light by Google’s recent purchase – prompt curious buyers to look into booming entrepreneurial states like Arizona, increasing the chances for economic revenue. Furthermore, strengthened subcontractor laws ensure that subcontractors are able to more comfortably participate in projects knowing that their payment must be not only ensured, but on a strict timetable.

By providing subcontractors with peace of mind and job security, Arizona’s office space projects can be completed at a faster rate and with higher quality, allowing the state to continue to be a hotbed for new business.


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