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Arizona Ranks 18th for LEED Buildings

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

The Memphis Business Journal recently ranked Arizona as 18th nationally for the number of LEED-certified commercial spaces in the state. The term “LEED” stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design; as stated by Phoenix Business Journal reporter Jan Buchholz, the LEED system “rates the energy conservation and sustainability of various kinds of properties and developments.” With this recognition in mind, Arizona commercial property for lease can pride itself in being identified as a leader in innovative environmental and energy design.

More on LEED

The United States Green Building Council has certified 8,776 LEED-qualified Arizona commercial property for lease, with 183 spaces being located in Arizona alone. Some of the larger buildings recognized by the Council include the Arizona Biodesign Institute in Tempe, the Applied Research and Development facility in Flagstaff, and the Rio Salado Audobon Center in Phoenix, among many other buildings throughout the state.

This news comes as a great follow-up to a similar ranking given to Phoenix last month, which placed the city’s metro area as one of the top 10 most sustainable metro areas in the nation. Compiled by Site Selection magazine in its “Green Guide 2011,” Phoenix’s selection was based on the size of its green industry, including projects certified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LLED program and incentives to support green projects. Arizona commercial property for lease stands to benefit from these forms of recognition because they spur research into forms of sustainable energy and design.

The Green Effect

Working towards sustainable Arizona commercial property for lease is not just a great move to preserve the environment – it is also a smart business move because sustainable energy is well on its way to becoming cheaper than traditional options. For example, Arizona’s near-perpetual state of sunshine has created a thriving solar power industry, with countless homes and businesses adopting this alternative energy in favor of gas or electric options. Alongside green Arizona commercial property for lease options is the opportunity to turn the state into a national leader for the sustainable movement, which many experts speculate could help create more jobs and revitalize our recovering economy.

From a residential standpoint, Arizona is already making headway in producing homes that exceed the green standard; for example, Paradise Valley was the site of the first LEED-certified custom home, Zona Verde. Moving forward, industry experts believe that residential and commercial properties alike will stand to benefit from the sustainable movement substantially. Time will tell, but why not secure your spot with Arizona commercial property for lease today?

Ultra-Green Office Space Sets Green Standard

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

A major landowner in a Seattle, Washington neighborhood has plans to develop an ultra environmentally-friendly office building. This revolutionary effort is part of a nationwide movement to convert businesses and office spaces into more energy-efficient places of work. If this building sees success, then its design plans could very well find its ways into other metropolitan areas like the office space rental Phoenix, Arizona boasts.

Seattle Specifics

The proposed building encompasses 120,000 square feet and stands at five stories tall, with its environmental edge coming from Seattle’s “living building” challenge. According to this challenge, buildings must meet at least 60% of the city’s criteria for a living building, which includes being 75% more energy efficient, reducing water usage by 75%, and reducing storm water by 50%. Despite the energy-efficient promise stemming from the building’s plans, the fact remains that maintaining a full “living building” brings with it a high expense, which can dissuade tenants from paying higher rates. Lisa Pickard, who is overseeing the project, wants to counter the expense by creating a “building that tenants can pay market rate to be in while achieving the living building challenge.”

This type of workplace would be a far cry from the office space rental Phoenix is accustomed to, particularly since it would give tenants more access to light, air, and increased energy efficiency. In the long run, and with the appropriate measures taken to keep costs at a reasonable price, hopes are high that sustainable buildings will find their way into traditional metropolitan areas soon.

The Living Building Difference

Ultra-green office spaces are the latest wave in commercial real estate, and with good reason; with the right designs and technology being implemented, rental costs for tenants could very well be comparable to traditional office spaces – and in some cases, the cost might even be lower. Plus, hotspots for entrepreneurial activity like the office space rental Phoenix, Arizona boasts are prime areas to begin building “living buildings” for a number of reasons. A promising city like Phoenix is business-friendly, offers excellent amenities, and is a great attraction point for a number of businesses looking to make the move into a thriving city.

There are high hopes for green office spaces like the Seattle office, and time will tell just how well these innovative changes will be received. Rest assured, if you’re looking to settle into a city that is ready for the next big thing in office space rental Phoenix is the place to be.


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