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In every commercial lease in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll find a familiar cast of characters – the goofball, the “yes man,” the gossip fiend and the overachiever.  And while every office has a unique work culture, most businesses have a similar standard of office etiquette which employees must abide by. However, in our modern age of convenience and instantaneous gratification, that etiquette sometimes slips by the wayside.

But what bad office behaviors are we talking about? And if we’re all doing them, then really – how bad can they be?

Here is our list of the top three deviations from office etiquette, and more importantly, what can be done to get those behaviors back on track at your commercial lease in Arizona:

1. Making work relationships work: Good work relationships are at the core of healthy, productive workplace environments. But how do you ensure that you’re making a work relationship…well, work? A good place to start is to see yourself from your co-workers’ perspectives. Are you the kind of person who happens to check your phone (once? Twice? Three times?) during a conversation? Are you sometimes quick to critique during a meeting, but perhaps slow to compliment? Recognizing innocent but not-so-great workplace behavior is the first step to fixing it, and better work relationships will help promote both productivity and general happiness across the board.

2. Keep it clean: Just like in any shared space, it’s important to keep the areas you frequent clean and organized. If you microwave a quick meal between meetings, make sure you don’t leave those plates sitting in the sink when you jet off. If you use the printer and realize you’ve used the last few sheets of paper, throw in a new ream before you leave.

3. Watch the clock: And we don’t just mean at the end of the day. If you’re the kind of person who makes it a habit to arrive everywhere on time (and maybe just a few minutes early), you’ll realize early on that you’ll catch people in much better moods. Being on time for meetings and mornings means being more prepared, more respectful, and much more relaxed – no more last minute fumbling for those charts while your new client looks on expectantly.

Unfortunately, there might always be that one person who brings pickled herring to work on a daily basis, or who insists on shouting on the phone when their cubicle is just two feet from yours. But by heading back to office etiquette, you can at least be sure that that person is never you – and maybe you’ll even have a few tips to pass on to the next person. To learn more about the possibilities of a Camroad commercial lease in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tempe, visit our website at

Written by: Savannah Ivanitski

Feng Shui in Your Office Space in Phoenix

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

If you rent your office space in Mesa, Phoenix or Tempe from Camroad Properties, your space is already pristinely manicured and maintained. You already smile at the neatly trimmed grass and foliage; you already feel that wave of calm which washes over you as you enter your office space in Phoenix. But once you’ve taken off your coat, found a spot for your lunch in the fridge, and taken a seat at your desk, do you ever find yourself feeling uncomfortable? Do you feel like you aren’t capitalizing on the time you have available that day, or that potential productivity is exchanged for restlessness?

Perhaps your office space in Phoenix, Mesa or Tempe could use a Feng Shui makeover. Feng Shui, the Japanese art of décor, channels the energy in the office into its workers to create a more harmonized, productive task force.  You spend about as much time at the office as you do in bed every night, so why not give your office the feng shui makeover it deserves!  Here are a few tips on how to implement Fen Shui into your office space in Phoenix!

1. Go green: To create good energy and liven up the office space, try adding a few healthy potted plants. The larger the better, and plants which require low lighting work best for an office setting.

2. Adjust your desk: To increase your productivity, make sure your back isn’t to the door. Instead, move your desk around to face either the door or the window and try to let in as much soft, natural light as possible.

3. Eliminate cord clutter: To create a cleaner, more organized space, hide any visible office equipment cords either under your desk or bound together and tucked away out of sight.

4. Create comfort: Make sure that your immediate work station is a comfortable one – pick a supportive chair, keep your desk tidy, and try not to shove papers and documents into unseen spaces (like drawers and cabinets).

5. Pick a color: Depending on the energy you wish you cultivate in your office space, pick a color that compliments it well. For a calming atmosphere, try a cool blue or muted green. For something brighter and sunnier, try a warm lemon yellow.

No matter what your business, Feng Shui can be an effective method of brightening, invigorating, and revitalizing your office space in Phoenix, Tempe, or Mesa. To learn more about our offices, visit our website at

Written by: Savannah Ivanitski


As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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