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paperless Arizona offices

From saving money to saving resources, making the decision to go paperless in your office space in Tempe doesn’t just benefit your business; it benefits the environment. With Phoenix emerging as an environmental leader in the state and even gaining national attention, more and more Arizona offices are moving toward a sustainable workspace. Resources and initiatives for sustainability are continually growing, so whether your business is small or large, the efforts you make toward a greener office environment will prove to be viable and rewarding.

While the transition to a paperless work environment can help reduce waste, streamline everyday business transactions, and save your business hundreds of dollars each month, making the commitment can be challenging.

To help guide the path to a green office and make it as smooth as possible, we’ve prepared an easy and efficient Camroad Properties how-to list. Here are three tips to help your office space in Tempe to Phoenix go (and stay!) paperless:

1. Start with a plan: Instead of simply announcing the transition through a company email or memo, meet with your team in person. Explain the benefits of going paperless, be prepared to answer any questions, and highlight the advantages on both a company and individual level. Throughout the meeting, emphasize your commitment and reassure your team that the process will be both a feasible and valuable one.

2. Find solutions: Next, begin the search for technological and online solutions. Essential paperless transactions need to be considered, which could involve investing in a solid data backup system, relying more heavily on online communication, to paperless paychecks, and increasing electronic security. Applications and programs such as cloud storage are some of the options that will make your paperless work experience even easier. These technology resources will enable your small business to go green while staying current, present, and reliable.

3. Stay realistic: Throughout the process, it’s important to stay on task and stay realistic. Present your team with a timetable; the transition should take place one department at a time, with room for problem solving and frequent employee updates. Don’t expect to go paperless overnight; the road will be a long one, but it will certainly be worthwhile. If and when you run into bumps along the road, always look to your local city for insights and incentives. With the City of Scottsdale and City of Chandler having Green Building Programs, the amount of green resources is expanding as sustainability has grown past a trend to a commitment for many Arizona offices.

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Written by: Christina Arregoces
Image by: rosmary

office space in phoenix

As one of the top ten cities in the nation for small businesses, companies with an office space in Phoenix metropolitan areas have the opportunity to leverage the region’s business-friendly atmosphere and incentives to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Supported by the metropolis’s disciplined financial statutes, keen civil infrastructure, and cadre of industry-leading companies residing therein, businesses in Phoenix offices possess unique advantages over their competitors in other cities. Below is a list of seven savvy benefits for housing your business in the Valley of the Sun market.

Low Income Tax. Arizona has the 3rd lowest income tax rate in the United States. The state’s low income tax rates create favorable business environments by giving Arizona consumers more disposable income. Employers may even earn corporate state income tax credits worth up to $3,000 for each net new job created within a 100-square- mile of the City of Phoenix Enterprise Zone.

How To Build An Office Move-In Timeline

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

tempe offices

Having negotiated countless Tempe office space leases, our Arizona commercial real estate team has identified the most important factors that contribute to an effortless and cost-efficient office relocation process. Setting move-in goals allows a business to stick within budget requirements and hit project objectives and deadlines. Below is a best practice timeline for business owners interested in moving into any one of our Phoenix, Mesa or Tempe offices.

12 Months Before Move-In: Planning & Self-Assessment
Always try to begin your relocation planning at least one year in advance. The first step along the way to successfully completing a project of this magnitude is proper planning, preparation and role delegation.

1. Analyze budget and projected business growth.
2. Identify suitable locations.
3. Organize move-out project management team and assign responsibilities.
4. Take time to learn the language of real estate contracts.
5. Submit a bid, negotiate, or contact property owner to express interest in the space.
6. Establish the maximum feasible budget for moving services.

11-9 Months Before Move-In: Deep Logistics, Inventory, & Sign-Off
Put your business under a microscope to discover key efficiencies, resources, and potential impediments for the move-in plan. Consider your business assets and liabilities before signing your lease agreement.

1. Identify employee office space needs.
2. Establish office space design that complements brand standards and image goals.
3. Assess whether your communications infrastructure is adaptable to the space.
4. Negotiate final lease contract.
5. Tailor maximum move-in budget to accommodate new information.

8-6 Months Before Move-In: Furnishing & Utilities
Now that you have your move-in plan and agreements in place, it is time to think about what walls, furniture, heating/cooling units, lights, etc. you may want to add to the space following move-in.

1. Establish initial office layout preferences.
2. Order furniture for office space. It is suggested to do this ahead of time to ensure products are ready before the move-in date.
3. Notify phone providers, delivery services, and other service providers of relocation plans.
4. Identify any extraordinary electrical and ventilation needs.
5. If space alterations are needed, contact contractors for project estimates.

5-3 Months Before Move-In: Tying Up Loose Ends
Now that the big moving parts have been accounted for, it is time to make arrangements within your current office to facilitate a smooth transition to the new office space. This is where contractors and relocation project teams begin playing a bigger role.

1. Prepare your employees for transition.
a. Assign relocation project responsibilities.
b. Assign employees new spaces in office
c. Meet with move-in project manager for updates.
2. Hire moving contractor.
3. Prepare to securely purge unnecessary files, documents, and materials.
4. Verify packaging needs for move.

1 Week before Move-In: Implementation & Mission Success
During the final week leading up to move-in, the name of the game is “communication.” It is critical to keep your partners, employees, lessors, customers, clients, and contractor up-to-date and in sync.

1. Send change of address notifications to partners and clients.
2. Coordinate with moving contractors.
3. Ensure back up of all important data on cloud, drive, etc.
4. Prepare information technologies and office machines for move.

Move-In Day and Forward: Review & Debriefing
Move-in does not necessarily end once your office and staff has transitioned to the new space. Take time to examine the space and make sure all services agreed upon in contracts between your business and contractor have been rendered satisfactorily. You may also consider establishing the groundwork for organizational adjustments to accommodate to the new office space over time.

1. Complete a walkthrough to ensure movers have arranged the space according to plan.
2. Unpack boxed office equipment.
3. Establish and communicate new office policies and procedures.

When moving into a new Tempe office space, establishing a timeline is vital to ensure a productive and easy relocation. By keeping these best practices in mind, a business can quickly find the ideal space to fit its needs and follow with an effortless move-in. For more information on Tempe offices for lease, contact Camroad Properties.

Written by: Christina Arregoces
Image by: john morgan


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