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Best Work Lunch in the Valley

Friday, February 28th, 2014

best restaurants for Arizona offices

Looking for hot lunch spots near your Arizona offices? Lunch meetings are a great way to talk business, impress potential clients, and build relationships face-to-face in today’s world where technology has changed workplace communication. Having the right experience can make all the difference, so the perfect blend of atmosphere (low noise), menu and professionalism are some of the main aspects to look for when choosing a future restaurant for business meetings. Check out these Valley restaurants that are popular with the business crowd and find your next lunch meeting spot.

1. Postino – This hip wine bar has a casual atmosphere, with a garage-style door for when the weather is accommodating. Sandwiches, salads, and bruschettas make Postino a lite, comfortable lunch spot without much formality. Postino has locations in Downtown Phoenix, Arcadia, and Gilbert to make it accessible for various business metros and commuters.

2. Mucho Gusto – A popular lunch meeting spot among Tempe businessmen and women, Mucho Gusto Mexican Bistro is another lunch spot with a relaxed atmosphere and delicious Mexican fare. A great place for tacos and margaritas, consider taking a client here that is in town on a business trip after a day of meetings to wind down and enjoy the AZ scenery.

3. Bistro 24 – Located in the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix, this business lunch favorite is the place to go with the company credit card. Continental cuisine like steaks, fillet of sole, duck confit, and French onion soup, as well as power lunch staples like their Cobb salad and burgers make Bistro 24 a must for those Arizona offices with an expense account.

4. Chelsea’s Kitchen – Located in Central Phoenix, Chelsea’s Kitchen boasts an inviting, spacious patio with lush foliage and a low-key scene that makes you forget you’re in the heart of Phoenix. Salads, taco platters, and burgers make this a great spot for a lunch meeting, inside and out.

5. Caffe Boa – Right off Mill Avenue in Downtown Tempe, this Italian/Croatian restaurant is an easily accessible spot in the Valley with an eclectic mix of Mediterranean, Slavic, Asian, and Cajun cuisines. The comfortable but classic ambience of the restaurant has the taste of fine cuisine without the dress code. Boa’s owners are both certified sommeliers and the extensive wine list is sure to impress a client with a palate for wine.

Arizona offices have a wide selection of popular and appealing lunch spots to host business meetings that are casual to more professional. Whether you are commuting from your office space in AZ or flying in on a business trip, you will be sure to find the right lunch spot for whatever your business agenda may be. Browse more of our Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa office locations at

Written by: David Robles
Image by: jenny downing

Office Etiquette Tips

Monday, February 17th, 2014

commercial lease phoenix office tips

Working in an office is largely a game of social politics; not following proper office etiquette can have an impact on your job status, promotions, and relationships with coworkers at your commercial lease Phoenix office. Follow these 14 simple office etiquette tips:
1. Don’t interrupt your colleagues. It’s important to be respectful of not only your superiors, but also your coworkers when speaking. Wait your turn and don’t cut someone off in the middle of conversation.
2. Be respectful to underlings. Treat those that work beneath you with kindness and respect. They keep the office running, and you can never have enough friends.
3. Be mindful of office chatter. It’s important to bond with your colleagues but keep your working officemates in mind and don’t be too loud.
4. Watch your consumption of pungent food. Tuna, popcorn, Indian food; all should be left for home where it will not offend a coworker.
5. Don’t overdo it on the perfume and cologne. Too much could be offensive and distracting to coworkers and some may even be allergic.
6. Keep your cellphone on silent. There should never be any reason for your coworkers to hear your ringtone when your phone is within arm’s reach. If you get a personal call, take it outside or keep it short and quiet so as not to disturb those around you.
7. Be on time. It is much better to be early rather than late to a meeting, and it says a great deal about you and your consideration of others.


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