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phoenix office space summer productivity tips

As the weather creeps into the triple digits, it’s not uncommon for employees at your Phoenix office space to get a little restless and stir crazy. Accompanying the heat, the summer months can bring plans of family vacations, pool days, weekend get-together, and a general lazy lull that sweeps over the office like a fog. During this time, your employees may often focus more of their attention on upcoming plans or daydreaming instead of work.


office space in AZ learning opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, work conferences in Las Vegas aren’t just an excuse to party, but try telling that to your office space in AZ. Company learning opportunities can range from attending conferences, training sessions and seminars, to hosting employee-driven presentations and workshops in-office. Providing your staff with these opportunities to learn can benefit your employees and your company as a whole.


As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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