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If you find yourself dealing with stress at your Phoenix office space, try these 10 tips on the Camroad Properties blog.

Let’s face it, no industry is safe from workplace stress. When you find yourself feeling down or overwhelmed at your Phoenix office space there are many things you can do to get yourself out of a funk. Because we work with many organizations through our Phoenix commercial office real estate business, we thought it would be helpful to share tips to destress at the workplace.


Sunshine Folder
If you find yourself feeling like you can’t do anything right, start compiling the kudos you receive from clients, coworkers, and your boss into a “Sunshine Folder”. That way, you can look back at the impact you’ve made and feel confident when stress hits.


Smell The Stress Away
Have you ever caught a whiff of lavender and notice your entire body relax? Scent can be a powerful tool. Stash a bottle of essential oil that helps curb anxiety at your desk. When you’re feeling stressed, place a drop or two on your palms. Form your hands into a cup shape, place them over your nose and mouth, and breathe deeply. You can also use a diffuser at your work station to continually smell the relaxing oil.


Clear your head and uplift your spirit by laughing. Watch a short video on YouTube or talk with that one co-worker who always makes you laugh.


Tea Time
Keep tea at your desk to always be prepared for a stressful day. There are many options that lower cortisol and anxiety levels. Just make sure you opt for one that won’t make you drowsy.


Listening to your favorite artist is the perfect way to get into a happy state. Make your own playlists or use Spotify’s preset playlists under the “Mood” section on the “Browse” tab. They have a variety of mixes with calming piano, ambient electronic, upbeat, happy songs, and more.


Meditate and Practice Gratitude
Find a spot in your Phoenix office space to meditate and breathe deeply. You can also carry a gratitude journal to practice being thankful. Both, especially when practiced regularly, are powerful contenders against stress.


Get Outside
If the weather allows, head outside. Experience the sunshine on your face and rejuvenate your day by taking a stroll.


Treat Yourself
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, treat yourself to something you love. Enjoy a latte at that beloved coffee shop near the office or stash your favorite book at your desk and read a chapter on your lunch break. A small treat will lift your spirits.


Talk It Out
If you find yourself reeling from a conversation or can’t get out of a funk, consider talking with a confidant that can give you sage advice and offer some empathy. Step out of your Phoenix office space and make a quick call to a loved one or ask a trusted coworker if they would walk around the block with you and talk it out.


Move Around
If you have a private spot in your office, stash a yoga mat at your desk. When stress hits, take 10 minutes to practice yoga. Make sure you close your eyes and breathe.



Do you have any tips for managing stress at your office? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn. If you’re looking for Phoenix office space, contact us! We specialize in the Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix commercial office industry.


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On the Camroad Properties blog: 6 Habits of Successful Arizona Commercial Office Brokers.

With years of experience under our belts, we know a thing or two — or 6 — about what it takes to be a successful broker in the Arizona commercial office industry. From managing your time to bouncing back from a “no,” we have 6 tips to be a successful AZ office space broker.


Setting Up Systems
A large part of being a successful broker is being organized. To operate efficiently, you have to set up a foundation for success. Effective brokers have systems in place to help them remember and implement important tasks.


In action: Take the time to craft email templates for the emails you send out over and over. Or, better yet, set up a lead nurturing email marketing campaign and you won’t even have to push send.


Follow Up and Follow Through
Determine a timeline for following up with clients and stick to it. Additionally, when you say you’re going to do something, use definitive terms like “I will” and “definitely” instead of “should” or “probably.”


In action: Give a deadline when you promise to do something — “I will get this to you by Thursday.” Write it down at that moment or add it to a running note on your phone. Your client will happily wait as you make a note and will feel confident in your organizational skills. Create appointments on your calendar to follow-up with clients. And, most importantly, stick to the deadline and follow through.


Get Back on the Horse
Let’s face it: hearing the word “no” when you feel like you did everything right can be discouraging. As a broker, you need to prepare for disappointment as it’s an absolute. The difference between a successful broker and a marginal one is how you react.


In action: Have an action plan for when you’re feeling down. Treat yourself to things that make you happy, like a walk in the park or a coffee from your favorite spot. Don’t let yourself ruminate on the disappointment for too long.


Be an Expert
Great brokers not only know the Arizona commercial office industry, they’re staying current with business trends. While it may not seem “fair” that customers expect you to be knowledgeable on things outside of the industry, knowing about “the next big thing” only prepares you and your business to succeed and solidifies the expert persona in your client’s mind.


In action: Take time out of your week to read up on current news or study a new topic.


Learn to Juggle
The ability to balance work and personal life can be a challenge. In the interest of maintaining your health and sanity, set boundaries and priorities.


In action: When you want to “turn off” give forewarning to the clients you’re currently working with and set a vacation response on your email. Make time for your health by going to the gym and eating healthy.


The Golden Rule
Treat people the way you want to be treated. This one may seem obvious, but it can be difficult to follow when you’re working in a field that is commission-based and you’re itching for a close.


In action: Treat your clients with respect. Never push a client into something they’re not comfortable with. In the long-run, it will pay off. A happy client will spread the word.



Are you an Arizona commercial office broker? Did we miss anything on the list? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn. If you’re looking for AZ office space, contact us! We’d love to help.


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7 Ways to Make Your Office More Fun

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

On the Camroad blog: 7 ways to make your Arizona office space more fun.

Often, business owners don’t think about their Arizona commercial office space as an area where their team should have fun. But, research continues to find that employees are more productive, more efficient, and stay longer at companies when they are happier at their jobs. We have 7 ways to make your Arizona office space fun.

1. Non-Company Meetings
Having recurring meetings or team building activities that are not work-related may seem counterintuitive, but offer a big payoff. Your employees will enjoy having time to get creative, relax, compete, and get to know their fellow workers better, which can in turn lead to a stronger team.

Get canvases so your employees can let out their inner Picasso, then use the pieces as art throughout the office. Bring in a yoga instructor to help your office reach their wellness goals. Foster healthy competition with a chili cook off.

2. Make It a Second Home
When you’re at home, you’re happy because you are comfortable. Bring elements into your workspace that remind your employees of home. Carve out space for a common area with comfortable seats. Add some game tables like air hockey, foosball, or video games. Let your employees decorate their space to their choosing.

3. Celebrate Together
Families celebrate together. Your office family shouldn’t be any different. For the months employees have birthdays, bring in cake and ice cream. Give a gift to employees when they reach their anniversary with your company. Celebrate holidays together. Bring in pumpkins to decorate for Halloween and cookies to ice around the winter holidays.

4. After Work Meetups
Getting out of the office is the best way to get to know your team members. Consider monthly after-work happy hour meetups or group outings like going to Top Golf, volunteering together, having a karaoke night, or trying your hand at rock climbing. Just make sure you never make them required.

5. One Word: Dogs
An office trend these past years is to allow employees to bring their dog to work on certain days. That’s because having dogs around can make people more positive and reduce stress — which are both beneficial for an average workday.

Of course, you need to check with your Arizona office space landlord first, as they may not allow them on premise or require a pet deposit. You also need to make sure all employees feel comfortable around dogs and instill rules — i.e. dogs are banned if they ever bite or bark incessantly. And then there is a potential for a mess.

6. The Key to the Heart Is the Stomach
There is a reason date night usually consists of a dinner out. The key to many people’s heart is getting out of the “hangry” stage. Being a great manager requires courting your employees. Have snacks available when the office hits the mid-afternoon slump. Surprise the office with a catered lunch every quarter.

7. Loosen Up
The workforce is morphing into a more relaxed atmosphere that offers employees flexibility. When the weather is 70 and sunny outside, it can be difficult going into work. Take meetings outside to give your employees some vitamin D.

If your industry allows a casual dress code, let your employees wear items like jeans and t-shirts. They’ll appreciate not having to wear a starched suit. Offer your employees the ability to work from home. They’ll be thankful on the days a plumber needs to work on their house or their child is sick.


Have you done any of these 7 tips in your Arizona office space? Let us know by commenting our LinkedIn. If you’re searching for an Arizona commercial space, contact us.

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