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Spring is in the air and you know what that means — it’s time for spring cleaning. In addition to deep cleaning and tidying up your home, this is a great time to get your Phoenix office space in order. A little bit of organizing goes a long way and can increase office productivity. We’ve put together a list of the top ways to get any Arizona office space de-cluttered and running efficiently.


Organize Your Desk

Being organized is one of the simplest ways to increase productivity. When you know where everything is, you can reduce the amount of time spent tracking down information and stay focused on the task at hand.


Start by clearing the clutter. Reserve the surface of your desk for items you need to accomplish your daily tasks, like your computer, a notepad, pen, and phone. Everything else can be put into a drawer, filed away, or tossed out. The one exception? Personal items that bring you a bit of joy. Corral miscellaneous cables stretched across your desk with a desk cable clip.


Create a filing system. Determine the best system for filing based on your workflow. Label each file appropriately and place all related papers in their designated folder. If possible, create a digital filing system and forgo paper copies altogether. Scan the existing documents you need to keep and shred the rest. A digital filing system makes searching for and sharing documents easier.


Sanitize to stay healthy. Nothing can throw a wrench in your productivity like having to take a sick day. Once your desk is organized, disinfect your station. Get in the habit of sanitizing your area on a regular basis to keep potential sick days at bay.


Get Your Digital Life in Order

Just as the clutter on your desk can add stress to your workday, so can a busy desktop. If you save files to your desktop for easy access, create folders and shortcuts to minimize the space taken up on your home screen.


It can be easy to turn your email inbox into a to-do list, but, for the sake of productivity, it is time to stop. Instead of flagging important emails that you plan to get to later, file them. Duplicate the filing system you created at your desk or digitally in your inbox. That way, you can ensure nothing will fall through the cracks and you will always know where to find the information you need.


Have a Maintenance Plan

Keep your Arizona office space clean and productive all year long by creating a plan that makes organization a priority.


Set boundaries for yourself. Give yourself one filing cabinet, shelf, drawer, etc. and once it’s full it is time to reorganize and recycle. By limiting the amount of space you have, you will continue to be conscious about how you organize your space.


Build in flexibility. Keeping your office organized and de-cluttered will help you be more productive year round, but during the day-to-day, it may be difficult to always live by these clean rules. Designate a space, such as a drawer or a file, as a temporary storage place. Set a recurring appointment on your calendar to clean out that space every two weeks or once a month to ensure it doesn’t become a bottleneck in your organized office.


Do you have any spring cleaning tips for your Phoenix office space that we missed? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for an Arizona office space, contact us today.




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New Business Owners: Do These Things First


You finally did it. You took a risk and started that business you’ve been contemplating for years. Maybe you’re still looking for a Phoenix office space, hiring your team, and simply trying to get your feet under yourself. After working with many different organizations and helping brand-new to decades-old businesses find their Phoenix commercial office spaces — plus using our experience from managing our own business — we’ve formed a list of tips new business owners should know.


Without further ado, let’s dive in.


Don’t Do Everything
There’s plenty to do as a business owner. There’s also plenty of things you shouldn’t be doing. A common mistake many business owners make is trying to do everything.


Each person is different, but accounting and finances are often something left to the professionals. Often, businesses close because of finances. You may think you’re doing things right, only to discover, down the road, that you’re operating at a loss. Save yourself a headache and financial stress and hire a professional.


Other things to consider are time and talents. Sure, you might be able to schedule a few “quick” social posts, but are you monitoring how much time that actually takes? Plus, maybe someone could do it better. Make sure you’re constantly aware of where your time is being spent.


Put Agreements in Writing
While this may sound tedious, boring, and overprotective, there’s a reason why every functioning company puts agreements in writing. If it’s done correctly it makes things clear for both parties and sets expectations for the client. Invest your time and efforts now on this portion of your business and consider hiring an attorney to help.


Find a Mentor
If you don’t have someone to talk to that’s been where you’ve been and overcome the same difficulties, you may be missing out on second-hand learning opportunities. Find a local mentor that has accomplished what you want to be doing in five or ten years.


Find the Right Space, At the Right Time
Make sure you’re thinking about your location in terms of convenience for your clients and consider what a potential Phoenix office space says about your company. Sometimes, landlords have stipulations against changing a space too much. Finding the right fit can take time, so don’t rush into this decision!


Get Up Quickly
It’s a fact of life that mistakes will be made. Especially when you’re running a business. The difference between successful business owners and those that fail is how they react to failure. A successful business owner will bounce back; they’ll learn from the experience and apply the lessons learned towards their business.


Think Locally, Grow Gradually
Develop your business in the local market first. If your business develops quickly and you see success, make sure you have strong foundations before growing too quickly. Start with a strong, efficient small business and grow into a strong, efficient large business.
From finding a Phoenix commercial office space to overcoming a failure, being a business owner is a nonstop job. Are you a business owner? Have any tips we missed? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for a Phoenix office space, please contact us!


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