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Should You Play Music At The Office?

Listening to music at your Arizona office space can increase productivity.

Listening to music at work is a topic everyone has an opinion on. If the great debate of whether music builds or depletes productivity has occurred at your Arizona office space, this blog is for you. As a real estate company specializing in Arizona commercial office space, we have seen the trend of open-plan offices grow, resulting in noisier spaces and employees opting for headphones.

It turns out the correlation between music and productivity is not straightforward. Whether music helps or hurts productivity can depend on the work environment, the type of task you are working on, and the type of music playing.


Music Based On Environment 

If you work in an open-plan office, or if your Arizona office space is on the noisier side, music can increase productivity. Trying to focus on your tasks can be difficult when you are picking up different pieces of conversations being held around your office. In this case, music has the ability to block out the office noise and gives you the opportunity to focus on your tasks without getting distracted.


Music Based on Task

Repetitive Task

Most positions include some element of repetitive tasks. If you are working on a repetitive task, music is said to increase the speed and efficiency at which you accomplish those tasks. These mundane tasks can have a negative effect on your mood, and listening to music can make you happy and relax you as you plow through your pile of work.

Learning Something New

When you are trying to focus on learning something new, your brain is working to analyze and understand the information you are obtaining. When music is added to the mix, the brain begins multitasking to process the music as well, making it more difficult to retain the information you are trying to learn.

 Language-Based Task

If you’re doing a language-based task, music with lyrics can be distracting. Similar to when you are learning something new, the brain is processing the information you are consuming and adding music can split your focus and derail productivity.


How To Build Your Office Music Arsenal

Avoid New Music
To keep productivity at a high, avoid listening to new music at the office. The intrigue of listening to a new song can cause a level of excitement that will outweigh the feelings you have toward your work, potentially resulting in paying more attention to the music than your tasks.

Mix Up The Style

Some research has shown that different types of music pair better with different tasks. Add these styles to your playlist:

  • Classical – thought to improve accuracy
  • Pop – thought to reduce mistakes & increase speed of data entry
  • Dance – thought to improve proofreading speed
  • Ambient – thought to improve accuracy in data entry


Create a playlist or two of music without lyrics to ensure you can receive all the positive attribute of productiveness music provides without overloading your brain. Non-lyrical music will allow your brain to focus on a linguistic task without having to multitask.

Music has the capability to increase productivity and make your office an enjoyable place. What music mix works best at your Arizona office space? Let us know by commenting our LinkedIn. If you’re searching for an Arizona commercial space, contact us.



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