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Your Arizona office space layout can have a large impact on your business. A poorly arranged office can make it difficult for workers to concentrate and negatively impact productivity. If you’re searching for a new Arizona commercial office or interested in redesign your current space, there are few things to consider.

1.    Technology

Before planning the office layout take note of power outlet locations. Desk spaces and their accompanying electronics will dictate your office flow. Ensure you designate outlets for important equipment like your Wi-Fi router, internet modem, and printer.

2.    Storage

If your Arizona office space doesn’t already include adequate built-in storage or closets, you will need to think about space for your office supplies. Make sure the materials are in an accessible area.

3.    Conversations and Celebrations

To have a healthy work environment, your employees will need a space to congregate for non-business activities. Eating lunch together and celebrating birthday, holidays, and work anniversaries in a common space large enough for the entire team will produce comradery and strong office culture.

4.    Departments

If your business is large enough to have department teams, you will need to think about placing team members near each other when forming a layout. Keeping team members or employees who work together often in the same location can help facilitate a productive workflow and increase efficiency.

5.    Décor

Furniture and décor offer an opportunity to bring your company’s personality into your office. Selecting furniture and décor pieces that are functional and match your brand will make the office space yours. Many organizations hire an interior designer to help with decorating.

6.    Room to Grow

You should always leave room to grow when you’re setting up your Arizona office space. Even if there is no current plan to increase staff, having room available will keep you prepared to hire personnel in the future.

7.    Color

Some colors have been known to decrease productivity by causing gloominess and depression, while others can aid in creativity and focus. Depending on the type of work you do, you should customize your office space accordingly. When painting walls, try out multiple swatches before committing to a color.

8.    Quiet Spaces

For introverts and those looking for a space free from distractions, offer small rooms or spaces where employees can work. These can also be used as meeting spaces and “phone booths” if you have an open office space.

9.    Input From Your Team

Employees want to feel like they are part of the process. If possible, reach out to your team and ask what they would like in an office. While you may not be able to take every idea, you can consider everyone’s opinions and make each member feel like a part of the team.



When you consider items like a quiet space, color, and your employees’ input, you can create an Arizona office space fit for your team. Did we miss anything? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for a new Arizona commercial office space, contact us.



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Control mindless snacking at your office space in AZ

A trend in small and large businesses alike is providing snacks and beverages to employees as an added benefit. If your office space in AZ always has a stocked pantry and refrigerator, it can be tempting to snack throughout the day. While there is no delineation on if snacking is a positive or negative habit, nutritionists do tend to agree that mindless snacking should be avoided. Find out how to control the munchies in your Arizona commercial office.

Stay Hydrated

Many times when a snack craving emerges, the real culprit is thirst. When your body is dehydrated it can mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger. Keep a water bottle at your desk and track how much water you are drinking throughout the day. To determine how much water you should drink each day, multiply your weight in pounds by 2/3 (or 67%). That number is the amount of water, in ounces, you should aim to drink each day. Depending on your activity level, add an additional 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes you workout.

Eat Satisfying Meals

If you tend to skip breakfast or lunch, hunger will likely drive you towards the office kitchen. Plan ahead to ensure you have time in the morning for a balanced breakfast and pack a healthy lunch. Keeping hunger at bay will help you avoid mindless snacking.

Kill Cravings with Mint

The taste of mint cleanses your palate and has the potential to stop cravings. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work and brush your teeth after lunch. You will be less likely to reach for the snacks when your mouth is minty fresh. Sugar-free mint gum and mint flavored tea also have the potential to ward off cravings and snacking impulses.

Distract Yourself

Monitor your snacking habits to determine the time when your urge to grab a snack is the strongest. Once you know when a craving is likely to hit, keep yourself busy at that time. Schedule a meeting, go for a quick walk, make a phone call, or chat with a co-worker. By briefly keeping yourself preoccupied, the craving will pass.

Avoid/Remove the Snacks

If the temptation for snacking is too strong, avoid the kitchen. If keeping your distance is not realistic, try suggesting a different snack option to the team responsible for stocking the kitchen at your AZ commercial office. Suggest a type of snack you would not be tempted to eat that is similarly priced.

Bring Your Own

Sometimes snacking is necessary to get through the day. Instead of relying on office snacks, bring your own to avoid overeating and unhealthy options. Keep these tips in mind when preparing a snack for the office:

Pick healthy options - Prepare snacks with a good mix of protein, healthy fats, fruit, and veggies. Some good options include fresh or dried fruit, nuts, yogurt, protein shakes, and peanut butter with celery.

Monitor serving size – When possible, prepare snacks in individual serving sizes to avoid overeating. Serving your snack in a bowl or on a plate will also aid in eating only the designated amount per serving.

Work for your food – Selecting snacks that take work to eat — like peeling an orange or breaking open the shell of a pistachio — will naturally make you slow down and help you consume less.


We hope these tips will help you avoid mindless snacking at your office space in AZ. Anything we missed? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. Looking for an Arizona commercial office space? We can help.

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As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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