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A green and white striped succulent in a white and gold container sits on a wooden table in an office space in Phoenix.

Low productivity and absenteeism are two of the most common issues organizations with office space in Phoenix and around the country face regarding employee performance. From quiet hours to healthy snacks, there are several ways you can promote a healthier workplace for your employees to combat these trends! Take a look at these tips to help you start increasing employee happiness today.

Turn the Volume Down 
Background noises such as chatting co-workers, clicking keyboards, and rattling air conditioners are pretty standard in the workplace; however, they could lead to increased stress or potentially raise blood pressure and cause migraines. You can help manage office noise by setting office quiet time and encourage employees to focus on whatever project requires their undivided attention.

Offer Ergonomic Options 
Standing desks have become increasingly popular in modern office spaces, and the benefits are clear: reduced stress, increased focus, and higher cognitive function. In addition to installing standing desks, offering wrist support for keyboards can help reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) and its related side effects. Additionally, an ergonomic seating option increases work engagement and productivity while decreasing sick leave.

Provide Opportunities for Exercise and Fresh Air 
While not every organization can afford an exercise facility, anyone can create a walking or jogging group to meet with during the workday. It has also been shown that businesses that offer discounted gym memberships see higher productivity and employee happiness. You can take this concept one step further by implementing group activities during the day (such as outdoor meetings and lunches in the park) to provide another opportunity for employees to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Encourage Work Breaks 
In a fast-paced work environment, it seems like most workers tend to neglect meal breaks or rest breaks. Failing to take your mind off work can take a toll on your motivation and concentration. Further, employees may be put at risk for health conditions such as stroke and heart disease. Prevent stress and fatigue during the workday by making breaks a requirement.

Encourage Healthy Snacking 
Processed carbs are often the first choice of many individuals since they find them comforting and tasty. However, it won’t be long before the mood swings and sluggishness starts to settle in — this occurs because refined carbs often cause unstable blood sugar levels, which can lead to unnecessary cravings. Unhealthy food choices can often cause poor memory, cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, and so much more among employees. Reduce available junk food options by replacing soda with water and candy with granola bars to help promote a healthy work environment.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture 
Business owners and leadership should create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. It’s important to create situations in which your employees can build strong relationships with their co-workers. Managers should also encourage staff members to express their work-related concerns to facilitate problem-solving. Ultimately, a positive culture leads to a highly productive workforce.

Bring the Outside In 
Natural light promotes better sleep and boosts overall mood and energy which can lead to higher productivity and employee happiness. Find ways to cut back on fluorescent bulbs and open the blinds. Additionally, having plant life — like a peace lily, Chinese evergreen, or rubber tree plant — around the office while you work can help boost productivity. Other benefits of bringing the outside into the office include reduced employee absenteeism, increased mood and feeling of well-being and reduced stress levels.

Are you looking for an office space in Phoenix that’s designed to foster a healthy workplace for your employees? Take a look at some of our available properties to find the right spot for your business.

Image Alt Tag	Two men sit at a brown wooden table with papers in front of them and discuss the inspection process at a Tempe office space.
A property inspection is essential to ensure that your new Tempe office space is free from both current and potential future issues. The process involves a thorough assessment of both the exterior and interior structure, as well as internal systems, to ensure the building complies with all safety measures and regulations. Explore this guide to help you understand how the process works and how you can benefit from a property inspection.

What to Expect During the Inspection Process
A proper commercial real estate inspection should check every aspect of the property. Your inspector will look at things like signs of wear and tear, structural elements, and even critical internal systems to ensure everything is working correctly. Here is what you can expect an inspector to examine during an evaluation of your AZ office space:

Structure of the building
The inspector will first determine whether the facility is structurally sound. He or she will note the type of construction used for the building and which materials the builders used in the process. The foundation will even be checked for any possible bulges, cracks, or leaning.

Internal systems
Internal systems such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and heating will be evaluated to determine if they are in working condition. An inspector should always pay close attention to the power circuits, which could cause a fire if there is an overload in the electric system. They will also evaluate the condition of service wires, switches, and outlets as part of the electrical inspection.

Exterior of the building
The exterior inspection begins with the driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots — an inspector will note any potential dangers like cracks, depressions, or heaves in the pavement. Roofing elements will then be evaluated to ensure there are no leaks. The building’s exterior will also be assessed for any other signs of current or potential issues like wet spots or like peeling paint.

Interior of the building
An inspector will examine the walls for any cracks, leaks, or stains, as well as potential termite or insect infestations. Floors will also be evaluated for cracked or squeaking boards, stains, or other damaged areas. If there are stairs in the building, your inspector should also check the condition to ensure they’re safe.

The list doesn’t stop there, though! Another important factor to consider is accessibility for people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities checklist outlines priorities for accessibility, including an accessible approach and entrance and easy access to public restrooms. Your inspector will list any potential barriers alongside possible solutions to fix them.

Benefits of a Building Inspection
There are several benefits to having your Tempe office space inspected prior to moving in. Some significant advantages include:

Saving you from issues in the future
A good inspector will be able to provide an educational assessment of the property, which will help save you time and money down the road. The evaluation can also help be a guide to consider any renovations, maintenance, and alterations in the future. Additionally, you’ll have a comprehensive assessment of the building’s current condition.

Getting all the relevant information
There are some cases where construction may have taken place without proper permitting or inspections. Hiring an experienced commercial property inspector can help identify these issues so that you can get these items addressed before moving in.

Giving you leverage in the negotiation process
The results of the inspection can serve as leverage to improve lease terms or convince the building’s owner to make the needed repairs before you sign the agreement.

Are you looking for an office space in Tempe that will fit the needs of your employees and customers for years to come? Take a look at some of our available properties to find the right spot for your business.

Three women sit at a light wood table decorated with a silver lamp and pink tulips while working on their laptops in an Arizona commercial office space’s huddle room.

Are you looking to update your Arizona commercial office space to suit the modern workforce? With more people working flexible hours remotely than ever before, co-working spaces have become a popular option for many companies—but how do you create a co-working space, exactly? Explore our guide to help you craft the perfect atmosphere for your employees to thrive!

Why is Co-Working so Popular?

While co-working isn’t anything new, the concept has recently gained popularity in modern offices around the world. This is mainly due to both an increase in temporary employees needing a space to work and employers looking to give workers more flexibility to work in non-traditional environments. While investing in this type of space may create additional overhead costs for companies with remote workers, there are several reasons why these spaces can be beneficial for everyone in the long run.

Remote workers can easily connect and collaborate: Co-working spaces allow virtual workers to connect with others in a community-oriented area. While on-site employees benefit from in-person collaboration, it’s often difficult for remote talent to have similar experiences. Co-working allows remote workers to experience similar connections, which can help inspire collaboration and innovation—even in a virtual setting.

Millennials prefer open environments: Compared to traditional workspaces, co-working environments are designed to provide open seating and collaboration areas. This is especially important as the Millennials and Gen Z-ers flooding the job market typically prefer co-working spaces because they lead to better communication and problem-solving.

Greater productivity and autonomy: A recent study found that 84% of workers said they were more motivated when co-working. 89% also reported they were happier compared to virtual employees who worked solely from home or another location.

How to Create a Co-Working Atmosphere in Your Office

There are a variety of ways businesses can create an effective co-working space their employees will enjoy. A few features you can explore integrating into your office include:

Flexible work options: Flexible work hours or locations may increase productivity and focus, as well as reduce turnover. You may consider setting in-office hours that everyone is expected to work, allowing employees to choose when and where they want to work outside of that time.

Open workspaces: Rather than implementing a cubicle environment, your organization can utilize open seating for collaboration areas and meetings. If you do need a quiet spot for an impromptu brainstorm, huddle rooms are a great alternative. Their nimble size makes them a budget-friendly option and provides a more flexible approach to accomplishing tasks with a team.

Technology to encourage collaboration: In order to function efficiently, a co-working space must have the equipment employees need to complete everyday tasks. Businesses should be equipped with the right technology—such as video conferencing and live chat platforms—to foster collaboration with virtual employees.

Kitchenette: A cozy kitchenette or lounge bar offers employees a space to take a quick coffee break or relax and forget about their duties for a while. You can even stock the pantry with snacks so that workers can grab a quick bite in between meetings or when the 3 o’clock slump hits.

Are you looking for an Arizona commercial office space where you can craft the perfect co-working space for your employees? Take a look at some of our available properties to find the right spot for your organization’s modern workforce!

Two hands hover over a black keyboard on a grey laptop as they type on a document in a cloud-based storage platform, which is one of the many ways you can help to improve productivity in your Phoenix office space.

Are you looking for ways to boost productivity in your Phoenix office space? There are tons of new technologies available to help boost your employees’ performance and simplify time-wasting tasks. Keep reading to explore some of the major reasons to integrate technology into the workplace and discover some popular platforms to consider testing in your organization.


Simpler Collaboration

Effective collaboration is critical for team productivity. Luckily, there are several collaboration tools—from team messengers, video conferencing apps, and everything in between—to help your organization boost internal communication and employee productivity. Slack, for example, offers a number of workflow aids, like group channels and direct messages, to help streamline collaboration. Additionally, project management applications like Asana or Dapulse allow you to refine teamwork and provide transparency into who is doing what.

You can even use cloud-based storage platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive to manage projects, as well as prevent loss of files. These file-sharing tools also make it easy for employees to track any changes made to a document and quickly identify who authored the alterations.


Increased Flexibility

Technology enables employees to perform consistently, even under changing environments. Today, teams are able to work effectively outside of the office just as they would in a workplace setting. Mobile workers are able to contact team members, send and receive information, and do many of the other required tasks even when they are miles or states away. This flexibility increases employee productivity by allowing team members to work anywhere, anytime—it’s not about just showing up and punching in anymore.


Time Tracking

Technology has also drastically changed how we monitor and report employee productivity. Time trackers can help you gain insight into how employees are spending their time—this allows managers to identify productivity leaks and optimization opportunities. Your HR manager will even save time since they will no longer have to manually audit time entries or correct erroneous logs.

Additionally, time trackers pave the way for better project planning, which increases overall productivity. From Toggl to Harvest, there are hundreds of options businesses of all sizes can choose from. Each application allows you to track tasks quickly, manage workflows, and even report on your budget spending.


Real-Time Analytics

Productivity analytics tools can provide managers with an overview of how workers are interacting with key business applications, such as employee onboarding suites. These tools enable managers to monitor behavior patterns in real-time and identify if workers are struggling with a particular software needed to perform everyday tasks. HR teams and managers can use data from real-time analytics tools to craft new productivity strategies for their team or the entire organization. If your marketing team spends half of their time attending meetings and not enough time producing creative work, for example, managers can use this data to devise a new strategy to reduce meeting times and focus on more productive tasks.

Are you on the hunt for a Phoenix office space that’s perfect for boosting productivity? Take a look at some of our offices for rent in Phoenix to find the right spot to integrate new tech into your business strategy!

Glasses of champagne are arranged on a black tray as employees mingle in the background during a holiday party held at an Arizona office space.

We may not get much winter in the Valley of the Sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the holiday spirit to your Arizona office space! Were you put in charge of planning this year’s event? We have your tips for throwing a holiday bash your team will be raving about into the New Year!


Pick a Convenient Party Date Early On

For most people, the holiday season is a stressful time chock-full of endless activities with little free time to spare. To ensure your company’s holiday party is a pleasant affair, be careful to give your employees adequate notice with a save the date. You may even want to consider holding the party during office hours so you won’t be competing with other obligations they may have.


Bring in Some Festive Décor

Spruce up your Arizona office space with festive decorations. Party supply stores have endless options for inexpensive decorations you can use to celebrate the season. You can also stop by a shop that sells seasonal flowers to bring in a splash of color and flair to the décor. Additionally, sites like Pinterest are great sources for party decorating ideas if you need a little inspiration.


Tailor to Your Office Culture

Celebrations should be an extension of your office environment and culture. Is your organization’s personality formal or informal? Are you more family-oriented? Plan an event and activities to reflect the culture your employees know and love.


Don’t Let Drinking Get Out of Hand

Serving alcohol is the norm for most holiday parties, so long as none of your employees go overboard. Offer free transportation to all employees to eliminate any chance of someone driving under the influence. You can even hand out drink tickets to manage alcohol consumption.


Give a Personal “Thank You”

Food and drinks are nice, but the real holiday spirit comes in the form of appreciation. Make sure each member of your organization gets a thank you from company leaders, whether it be from the CEO or a direct manager. A gift card, small cash bonus, or thoughtful notes are great ways to show your gratitude for the work your employees do.


Don’t Pressure Employees to Attend

While it would be nice if everyone attended the event, don’t make it a requirement. Also, try to avoid creating situations in which employees might feel pressured into participating. You want the event to be one where employees feel recognized and valued for the contributions they make to the organization. This won’t happen if someone feels guilted into showing up.


Do Allow Plus-Ones

You should allow your employees to bring a significant other or friend to the party. Not only will they feel more comfortable, but they will also be more inclined to interact with their colleagues. If you have new employees, it’s comforting for them to know that they will have a friendly face if they don’t know many coworkers yet.


Don’t Forget Remote Team Members

While working from home has several perks, feeling left out from office camaraderie is certainly one of the major downsides. Remember them when you plan your party budget—send a small, personalized gift or a gift card for a nice dinner.


Are you looking for an office space in Arizona that’s perfect for hosting your next holiday celebration? Take a look at some of our available properties to find the right spot for your business.


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