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What to Look for in a New Office Space

The most important boxes to check on your office space in AZ checklist.

You have been tasked with finding a new Tempe office space; daunting, right? Not so fast. Finding an office space in AZ, though meticulous, can be boiled down to a few key points that fit neatly in a checklist.

By asking yourself the right questions from the beginning, you’ll find a selection of spaces that match company goals and financial considerations.

This is the biggest one, and there is lot that falls under its umbrella. Access to public transit, commute for your employees, traffic patterns leading in and out, neighboring tenants, and the area’s reputation all need to be considered. Ingress and egress are probably the most important factors relating to location. If employees or clients have difficulty getting to the office, that could mean less productivity and fewer sales. Additionally, if the location has a bad reputation, employees and clients might get scared away before they even sign!

An often-overlooked location factor, considering who your neighbors are can be advantageous. If you are in advertising, setting up shop near a print shop or sound studio could prove useful for business. Conversely, not doing your research and ending up next to a raucous woodworking shop could prove highly disruptive.

Office Space
The easy boxes to check here are layout and square footage. Common considerations are not just space for the team today, but for the team tomorrow. Look into the future and leave enough room to accommodate for future growth.

The layout of a space is just as important as the size. Depending on your type of company, open spaces allow for easy cross-team collaboration, while traditional layouts provide privacy and eliminate distraction so that employees can complete work free of interruption.

Don’t forget to set the tone of your office space in AZ. Character matters. Your office is an extension of your business and if it doesn’t project company goals then your business message could fall mute.

It’s easy to have a pie-in-the-sky sentiment of which amenities you want in your next Tempe office space, but let’s just stick to the basics. Connectivity is critical to business, and if a space isn’t outfitted with Ethernet, or is outfitted with out-of-date Ethernet, it could spell costly problems for your business.

Nearby restaurants shouldn’t be discounted, as you don’t want your employees spending 1.5 hours grabbing lunch. An office space that is within walking distance from a selection of dining options will directly translate into more employee productivity.

Instill the culture you want for your new company around the new space. Let your space do the talking for how clients and employees will form initial perspectives of your company. Ease of access, space layout, and comprehensive amenities will speak volumes to the quality of your business. Use this checklist as a guide to help you on your way to your next office space in AZ.

What do you look for in a new office space in AZ? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page and be sure to direct any Tempe office space inquiries to Camroad Properties.

WRITTEN BY: Portia Dempsey

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