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The open-floor versus close-floor office layout debate is a hot topic, and it’s no wonder why: personal space is a, well, personal issue. If you’re thinking of making your office space in Arizona a cubicle-free zone, pay careful attention. Not every employee will feel comfortable or productive in an open floor plan.

The Good

An Arizona commercial office space with an open floor plan will see visible benefits when choosing to use this layout.

  • People are 20% more active when working in an open space. Without the cubicle walls to confine them to a small area, people feel more free to walk around and brainstorm. More movement = less stress.
  • Employees who work in an open space are less likely to waste time online or on their phone because their activities are visible.
  • Everyone can see who is putting in long hours at their desk, which makes it easier to know who deserves recognition for their extra work.

The Bad

Introverts working in an office space in Arizona most likely prefer the traditional closed layout.  Here’s why:

  • Exposure. Employees have no shield to shelter them from the social influx. The constant pressure to be “on” rapidly drains introverts mentally and physically.
  • It’s not just introverts who feel drained in an open floor plan; Extroverts eventually get fatigued as well. Without a cubicle or office wall to protect them, employees have no “me time” to recoup.
  • Many open floor offices see a huge decrease in meaningful face-to-face conversations thanks to the constant exposure. Likewise, the quality of their work goes down as well. Distractions, such as another team’s heated conversation or that one co-workers who snacks too loudly at their desk, will interrupt their concentration.


The Questionable

Just as every person is different, so is every office environment. Some effects of an open floor fall in neither good nor bad categories. While these side effects can either be a blessing or a curse, it all boils down to what you and your team make of them.

  • Depending on the volume level of your office space in Arizona, the noise can either amplify or hurt employee focus. The solution? Encourage the use of headphones to cancel out the distracting noise (or lack thereof).
  • Everyone is equal. Managers are easily accessible now that they aren’t locked away behind office walls. Employees feel more comfortable dropping by a higher-up’s desk to ask for guidance. While this may be a boost for the lower/entry level employees, some managers may not feel as motivated without the reward of their own office.
  • Less barriers mean more light (especially in a sunny Arizona commercial office space), physical activity, and air circulation… which also means more germs. Colds can spread at a much faster rate through an open space. Our advice: keep hand sanitizer accessible and make sure sick employees stay at home.

Does your office space in Arizona have an open floor plan? Do you include employees’ opinion when it comes to a new office design? Let us know in your experience how an office layout affects your employees on our LinkedIn page.



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It’s a brand new year and members of your Phoenix office space have mostly likely made a few resolutions of their own. In fact, 45% of Americans make a resolution at the start of the New Year. But how many of those 45% actually achieve their resolutions? It’s not a lot.

Although your resolution may be to find an office for rent in Phoenix, many employees choose to make personal lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or becoming more active.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement are the biggest contributing factors to achieving a new lifestyle. Here’s how you can make your Phoenix office space a supportive environment for employees.


Plan Ahead

Any resolution made on a whim on the first day of January probably won’t last. A real resolution requires commitment. Many people have already decided (or at least have a clue of) the resolution they will be making long before the clock strikes midnight.

But just because you’ve had time to think that doesn’t mean you need to turn your resolution list into a novel or detailed bullet journal. Keep it simple with only one or two goals.


Add, Not Subtract

Don’t let employees focus on what they are cutting out of their daily life. Focusing on the negative will only make them lose focus. Instead, focus on the benefits.  For example:

If they are subtracting junk food, add healthy yet tasty snacks to the office kitchen.

If they are focused on the hassle of getting to the gym, encourage office walks during lunch breaks.

If they are trying to learn a new skill, remind them of the reasons why they wanted to learn that skill in the first place.

Everyone enjoys a little fun competition. As the New Year rolls over, create a chart and display it somewhere everyone in your Phoenix office space can see it. Encourage employees to track their progress and keep tabs on how others are doing. See who can keep up the longest streak of going to the gym every day or who can go the most days in a row without eating candy.


Get Back Up

Most resolutions fail when the novelty of the “New Year, new me” feeling wears off. After a few setbacks, employees might feel disheartened and lose sight of their goals. Positive reinforcement can get them back in the groove.

Create mid-year (or even quarterly!) check-ups. Remind them of their progress or help them get back on the horse with some positive encouragement.

Once you’ve reminded your Phoenix office space crew of their potential, they will channel your support to achieve their dreams.


If your 2019 goal is finding the perfect office for rent in Phoenix, take a look at our available office space properties. Be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date with all the office life advice and tips that we are dishing out in 2019!


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Hot cups of tea can warm chilly hands as they work.

Getting through the holidays without any distractions is already hard but working in a chilly office makes the season even tougher. You don’t have to sacrifice high electrical bills to maintain a cozy Arizona office space. Check out these seven easy ways to be cost-efficient during wintertime.

1. Sunlight

Sunlight is a natural resource for any Arizona office space. Use this to your advantage. Open the blinds and draw back the curtains to let the sunlight heat up the office.

2. Bundle up

Encourage employees to dress warmly. Have regular causal Fridays where employees can come to work in comfortably warm clothes. Turn it into a fun, socializing event with a competition to see who comes to the holiday party in the ugliest Christmas sweater.

3. Warm drinks

Set up a drink station inside your Phoenix office space. There is nothing cozier than a cup of tea to warm up those fingers chilled from typing away on the keyboard. Remember that a cup of tea isn’t always everyone’s, well, cup of tea, so be sure to include coffee, hot cocoa (marshmallows optional), or apple cider on the menu.

4. Save During Non-Office Hours

Turn the thermostat down during the evening and night hours when no one will be inside. Invest in a programmable thermostat that can be programmed to do this, and you won’t have to remember to adjust the temperature every night.

5. Humidifier

Everyone who works in an Arizona office space has heard that summers here are a “dry heat.” Well, the dryness sticks around during our winters, too! Not only will the added moisture make the office feel warmer, it also combats the dry air that can bring on the “office flu” by soothing nasal passages irritated by the heater.

6. Seal Windows and Doors

Don’t let a common mistake cost you. Heat can slip out through cracks in windows and doors. Trap the heat inside by sealing all the areas air can escape. This trick will also help keep any Phoenix office space cool in a few months when the weather switches from chilly to sweltering.

7. Energy Star Efficient

Outside elements, continual use, and other factors can take a toll on the HVAC system in your Arizona office space. If your electrical bill is higher than normal and your office is still chilly, it’s possibly time for an upgrade. Investing in an Energy Star Efficient HVAC system or other appliance will save you money over time and may even qualify your office for a government tax break. 

Tell us your tips for keeping the office warm by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you have any questions regarding an Arizona office space, we can help. Check out our blog for more tips and advice on office culture.

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Winter time brings the joy of the holidays. However, for many Americans, it also signals the start of a long and difficult period. If the workload in your Phoenix office space starts to pile up, it’s possible you may have some employees who are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a condition that makes it difficult for people to maintain the same levels of positivity and energy that they would have in warmer months. The side effects of SAD include more used sick days, trouble interacting as a group, and a general decrease in productivity at work.

While it is up to the employees to take charge of their mental wellbeing, it never hurts to lend a helping hand. Here are seven ways to let employees know you are thinking about them:

1. Food

Carbs, like those found in candy, give the body a quick boost of feel good energy. But they also create a big crash afterwards. The best food to stock up on during winter are those high in fats and oils. Set aside an afternoon for a healthy salmon luncheon or whip up some guacamole for your office.

2. Get Moving

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Encourage employees to hit the gym before work. Get a group together and go for a walk when the mid-afternoon slump hits.

3. Stay Toasty

Keep the office safe from the cold temperatures outside. But be careful of the dry air circulating in your Phoenix office space. Dry nasal passages can quickly lead into sick days.

4. Set Up a Lightbox

Set up a lightbox above cubicles or in the break room. A lightbox is a proven method to make up for those missing daylight hours. The light mimics the sun and boosts serotonin to keep employees alert while they work, even long after the lightbox has been turned off.

5. Aromatherapy

Citrus, peppermint, and rosemary are popular scents used to fight fatigue. An essential oil diffuser will add a pleasant scent (as well as humidity to combat dry air) to the office. Of course, check with your employees to make sure none are allergic or sensitive to scents before using any in a shared space.

6. Socialize

The cold temperatures and fewer daylight hours make it harder to create social plans. Get the party started at your Phoenix office space by planning some optional post-work social events. Create a team for trivia night at a local bar or get together to try a new restaurant.

7. Set Goals

Clear directions will set the pace for your office. Let employees know what is expected of them during the winter months. Set weekly goals for the entire team. Check in on their progress and encourage them with rewards, like a gift card.

Winter doesn’t have to be a slow period for your Phoenix office space. Your employees will feel appreciated by the attention and be motivated to work. If you’re interested in a Phoenix office space with plenty of windows to let in light, or a nice path for your employees to take a winter stroll through, contact us today. We will help you find the perfect spot for your business.


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Holiday season is upon us and one great way to get your staff in the holiday spirit is to decorate your Phoenix office space. If you have a limited budget, don’t fret, we have tips for the most affordable way to decorate your office for the holidays. With a little creativity and work, you can transform your Phoenix commercial office into a festive space.


DIY Not Required
Before we dive into the DIY ideas, we have two inexpensive materials that create a big impact with minimal effort.

Adding Christmas lights to your office is a great way to transform your office into a holiday atmosphere. The best part though is how inexpensive this decoration is; a strand of lights only costs a few dollars. If you’re looking for a simple way to decorate, Christmas lights make a large impact.

If you’re going for the winter wonderland approach, pair the lights with this “snow” ground cover. At 10 feet long and less $5, the snow is an inexpensive way to add a large statement.


Cardboard boxes are a free way to add holiday pizazz to your Phoenix office space. Starting now, hold onto to your cardboard boxes. Ask your coworkers to bring in their boxes too, so you’ll have plenty of cardboard to work with.

Some DIY holiday décor ideas to make from cardboard:

  • Make a life-size gingerbread man and woman or try your hand at these oversized ornaments that look like a gingerbread cookie.
  • Save extra-large boxes to make a super-sized gingerbread house.
  • Create a “fireplace.” Go the extra mile and add a battery-powered, warm-white LED light to the hearth to mimic the warmth of a fire or add a TV monitor playing a video of a hearth fire.
  • With an X-ACTO knife, glue, and glitter, you can create these elegant snowflakes. We suggest pairing them with Christmas lights and the “snow” ground cover for the magical winter wonderland theme.


Paper garlands are a classic and simple way to add holiday décor. To add a personal touch, make stockings and add a name of a coworker to each. If you choose to make the cardboard fireplace, hang them from the structure.


Decorating Contest
A desk decorating contest gets your employees in a holiday spirit and barely dents the budget. Employees can bring in their own decorations and compete to win a prize. Have staff vote for the winner and offer something desirable like a massage voucher for the prize.


Here’s one way to add holiday charm that you’ve probably overlooked: screensavers. If you have access to your employees’ computers, you can surprise everyone with festive screensavers. We recommend a video of a fireplace!

If you’re in charge of decorating your Phoenix office space, doing all the items on the list would be difficult. Determine a theme and pick a few of the ideas. Or, gather a group of volunteers that would be willing to help to tackle them all.

Any ideas that we’ve missed? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for a commercial office in Phoenix, contact our team.


As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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