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Staff can get into the zone even when working outside of an office space in Phoenix.

Working remotely is becoming more commonplace than ever. Maybe your team is waiting for you to finalize that Phoenix commercial lease, or perhaps you’re in the middle of transitioning to a new office space in Phoenix. With nearly half of the workforce working remotely, the trend is here to stay. Whatever your reason, there’s plenty of ways to keep your team connected outside of the office.


1. Communication is Key

Slack groups, email, conference calls. There are more ways to communicate than ever before. So, why is it so hard for us to stay in touch? The reason may be in our amount of options. Messages can get easily overlooked or misread, and, yeah, plain forgotten in the slog of other messages. To avoid this, make sure that everyone on the team feels heard.

Schedule daily or weekly video calls and make sure every single person joins in the conversation.

Constant communication with your team as a whole (and with one-on-one conversations) will help prevent any hiccups.


2. Encourage the “Office” in “Home Office”

Sure, home office is a vague term. Especially when it’s so easy to make any place outside of your office space in Phoenix a temporary remote office. From libraries to coffee shops to a quiet corner of your home, any place can become a cubicle. To ensure productive stays at the same quality and quantity, encourage staff members to find a location with minimum distractions.


3. One Size Does Not Fit All

There’s another reason why working remotely is so popular. Everyone does their best work in different environments. Working 9-5 from home may be a good routine for your social media coordinator but not for your account manager, who likes to do odd tasks around the house between assignments, or your HR leader who likes the bustle of the nearby Starbucks. So long as the work turned in is up to your standards, don’t micromanage how your staff completes their works outside of the office.


4. Set Clear Boundaries

Keep your team in the loop about company goals. If working remotely is a temporary solution while you sign your Phoenix commercial lease, send out newsletters to the entire staff to keep them up to date on the situation.

When work and home blend it can be hard for some employees (and yourself!) to set work/life boundaries. Make sure the team is keeping a healthy balance. Check in with each member of your team throughout the week. But don’t just ask them about their projects. Make sure they aren’t struggling to find the balance between home and work. After all, you don’t want your team to burnout.



Interested in finding a Phoenix commercial lease? Contact us and we will help you find the best commercial office space that will let your staff come together.


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A great view isn’t the only thing Camelback can offer your Phoenix office space.

If you’re looking to set up a Phoenix office space in a bustling, convenient, beautiful neighborhood, Camelback Corridor will be your first and last stop. Many Arizona office spaces offer convenience and beautiful views, but our offices available on Camelback Corridor offer all that, and so much more.


Location influences the success of your business. Clients will take your company seriously if it is located in a modern, upscale area. Employees will flock to a company that boasts amenities within walking distance. Luckily for you, the offices on Camelback Corridor will attract both.



No one wants to do business when they’re hangery. Employees enjoy having the option of picking up a nearby warm meal before returning to their Phoenix office space, energized and ready to get to work. And when important clients come by, a lunch meeting at a nice restaurant will leave a favorable impression.


All of the dining establishments listed below are within walking distance from our Arizona office spaces available on Camelback Corridor. Studies show that a quick walk during lunch help employees stay focused as well as boosts their health and mood.

Coffee Shops

The 3 p.m. slump is real. Stave off the need for a nap with a cup of caffeine. There are local coffee shops beyond just the typical Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts that are found on every corner (though those can be found nearby also if those places happen to be your, well, cup of coffee).


Out-of-town clients or employees will need a nearby place to stay while they are in town for an important meeting or conference at your Phoenix office space.  Of course, you’ll want to make sure they stay somewhere nice. All of these nearby hotels have positive, glowing reviews.

Other Amenities

Everyone values something different. Perhaps your marketing manager wants to stop at the gym every morning before work while your account team leader likes to run by the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner. Whatever it is your team values, they can find it nearby these Phoenix office spaces.

With the city growing and expanding everyday, now is the best time to nab an Arizona office space to make your company’s home. Contact us to schedule a tour of a Phoenix office space located near Camelback Corridor.


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If the staff of your Tempe office space is acting a little off, their desks may be to blame. Sitting still for long periods of time can be harmful to a person’s health. Even if someone hits the gym every day, the damage from working behind the desk nonstop for hours on end is still something to be concerned about.


Here’s how to break up the monotony and get the employees in your office space in AZ moving again.


1. Brainstorming Walks

Instead of sitting around a table, encourage co-workers to go for a stroll around the Tempe office space as they brainstorm their latest projects. The fresh air and movement will kick start new ideas and techniques. Plus, once they get back to the office, they’ll be ready to begin on the new project.


2. Standing Meetings

Standing during a meeting is a great way to stay moving while still working. It also fosters community. With everyone standing, there won’t be a sole leader singled out. Everyone will be on equal ground.

This method applies to phone meetings as well. Mandate a quiet corner of your office space in AZ and stand as you talk. Rack up some bonus points, if you can, and roam as you listen.

Really, it’s the little things (like moving for 30 seconds for every 30 minutes you’re sitting) that can make a big improvement.


3. Improved Office Space

Start at the root of the problem by tackling the office space itself. Studies show that an open floor plan encourages more movement. If doing away with cubicles isn’t possible there’s still plenty of other ways to help.

Invest in a few standing desks to improve posture and blood circulation. Bring some exercise balls into your Tempe office space to replace chairs.


4. Bring Your Pet to Work

This is an easy one. Everyone in your Tempe office space is bound to get up so they can soak in the cuteness or play a quick game of catch with a puppy. But having a pet in the office increases movement and health in other ways. Employees can take turns leading their pets on a potty break or a quick walk about the block to burn up some energy. Getting up to refill the water bowl and food dish counts as well.


5. Ditch the Apps

It’s the old standard, but it’s a standard that has faded quickly in recent years thanks to all the food delivery apps popping up. Encourage employees to walk and pick up their lunch instead of using delivery.



Are you looking for a Tempe office space with a great path to hold a walking meeting? Search our currently available properties to get started finding the right office for your company.



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The open-floor versus close-floor office layout debate is a hot topic, and it’s no wonder why: personal space is a, well, personal issue. If you’re thinking of making your office space in Arizona a cubicle-free zone, pay careful attention. Not every employee will feel comfortable or productive in an open floor plan.

The Good

An Arizona commercial office space with an open floor plan will see visible benefits when choosing to use this layout.

  • People are 20% more active when working in an open space. Without the cubicle walls to confine them to a small area, people feel more free to walk around and brainstorm. More movement = less stress.
  • Employees who work in an open space are less likely to waste time online or on their phone because their activities are visible.
  • Everyone can see who is putting in long hours at their desk, which makes it easier to know who deserves recognition for their extra work.

The Bad

Introverts working in an office space in Arizona most likely prefer the traditional closed layout.  Here’s why:

  • Exposure. Employees have no shield to shelter them from the social influx. The constant pressure to be “on” rapidly drains introverts mentally and physically.
  • It’s not just introverts who feel drained in an open floor plan; Extroverts eventually get fatigued as well. Without a cubicle or office wall to protect them, employees have no “me time” to recoup.
  • Many open floor offices see a huge decrease in meaningful face-to-face conversations thanks to the constant exposure. Likewise, the quality of their work goes down as well. Distractions, such as another team’s heated conversation or that one co-workers who snacks too loudly at their desk, will interrupt their concentration.


The Questionable

Just as every person is different, so is every office environment. Some effects of an open floor fall in neither good nor bad categories. While these side effects can either be a blessing or a curse, it all boils down to what you and your team make of them.

  • Depending on the volume level of your office space in Arizona, the noise can either amplify or hurt employee focus. The solution? Encourage the use of headphones to cancel out the distracting noise (or lack thereof).
  • Everyone is equal. Managers are easily accessible now that they aren’t locked away behind office walls. Employees feel more comfortable dropping by a higher-up’s desk to ask for guidance. While this may be a boost for the lower/entry level employees, some managers may not feel as motivated without the reward of their own office.
  • Less barriers mean more light (especially in a sunny Arizona commercial office space), physical activity, and air circulation… which also means more germs. Colds can spread at a much faster rate through an open space. Our advice: keep hand sanitizer accessible and make sure sick employees stay at home.

Does your office space in Arizona have an open floor plan? Do you include employees’ opinion when it comes to a new office design? Let us know in your experience how an office layout affects your employees on our LinkedIn page.



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It’s a brand new year and members of your Phoenix office space have mostly likely made a few resolutions of their own. In fact, 45% of Americans make a resolution at the start of the New Year. But how many of those 45% actually achieve their resolutions? It’s not a lot.

Although your resolution may be to find an office for rent in Phoenix, many employees choose to make personal lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or becoming more active.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement are the biggest contributing factors to achieving a new lifestyle. Here’s how you can make your Phoenix office space a supportive environment for employees.


Plan Ahead

Any resolution made on a whim on the first day of January probably won’t last. A real resolution requires commitment. Many people have already decided (or at least have a clue of) the resolution they will be making long before the clock strikes midnight.

But just because you’ve had time to think that doesn’t mean you need to turn your resolution list into a novel or detailed bullet journal. Keep it simple with only one or two goals.


Add, Not Subtract

Don’t let employees focus on what they are cutting out of their daily life. Focusing on the negative will only make them lose focus. Instead, focus on the benefits.  For example:

If they are subtracting junk food, add healthy yet tasty snacks to the office kitchen.

If they are focused on the hassle of getting to the gym, encourage office walks during lunch breaks.

If they are trying to learn a new skill, remind them of the reasons why they wanted to learn that skill in the first place.

Everyone enjoys a little fun competition. As the New Year rolls over, create a chart and display it somewhere everyone in your Phoenix office space can see it. Encourage employees to track their progress and keep tabs on how others are doing. See who can keep up the longest streak of going to the gym every day or who can go the most days in a row without eating candy.


Get Back Up

Most resolutions fail when the novelty of the “New Year, new me” feeling wears off. After a few setbacks, employees might feel disheartened and lose sight of their goals. Positive reinforcement can get them back in the groove.

Create mid-year (or even quarterly!) check-ups. Remind them of their progress or help them get back on the horse with some positive encouragement.

Once you’ve reminded your Phoenix office space crew of their potential, they will channel your support to achieve their dreams.


If your 2019 goal is finding the perfect office for rent in Phoenix, take a look at our available office space properties. Be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date with all the office life advice and tips that we are dishing out in 2019!


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As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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