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Must-Have Traits for a Phoenix Commercial Office

Phoenix commercial office space

When searching for the best Phoenix commercial office properties, there are many factors to consider aside from price. Some of the world’s best companies owe their success to great office spaces that deviate from the trademark crazy-patterned carpets and cubical mazes. Google, for example, literally allows employees to slide down from their workspaces to the lobby with a floor-connecting slide! While we can’t all be Google when it comes to creative office spaces, we can be sure to select a commercial lease Phoenix office space with qualities that maximize productivity. Here are some must-have property traits to look for in a commercial office space.

1. Location
The Phoenix Metropolis is a sprawling area that stretches far and wide. Narrow down your search by determining not only where in the Valley you want your office to be, but what you want it to be near to. Do your employees take public transportation to get to work? Look for a Phoenix commercial office space near a light rail stop or bus station. Do most of your employees drive? Pick an area with plenty of parking. Are many of your employees health fanatics? Consider a space near a gym or health club and encourage office-wide wellness. Among the many reasons to choose a new office space, be sure location is at the top of your priority list!

2. Floor plan
After picking an office space, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend extra time and money renovating. Be sure to look for spaces with floor plans that are readily equipped to serve your company’s needs. A good office space should allow employees enough room to communicate and share ideas while giving them some amount of privacy. Consider elements like conference rooms, reception areas, electrical outlets, bathrooms, etc. for your most basic office space needs. In addition, be sure to think of employee common areas like a small kitchen or lounge area where workers can relax on breaks.

3. Positive Ambiance
Don’t underestimate the power of natural light! Office jobs that require being in front of a screen for 8 to 10 hours a day can be hard on the eyes, and fluorescent light bulbs are no help. An office space with windows to the outside world or high ceilings can be a powerful alleviant of the headache-inducing glow of a computer. Likewise, think of putting in a sound system around the office. Light music in the background can induce productivity by making the office more lively and enjoyable.

4. Security
It is of the utmost importance that your employees feel safe in the office. Even if the building you are looking at is located in a safe neighborhood, look for office spaces that emphasize security. Look for indicators like alarmed security systems or security personnel who are passionate about keeping employees safe. Be sure to check for records of break-ins before you sign that commercial lease Phoenix office.

What are some of your favorite qualities in a Phoenix commercial office? Get in touch with us today for more info on available office space in Arizona. Keep up with our blog for your fix of commercial real estate news!

Written by: Scott Kaufmann
Image: K2 Space

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