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Three women sit at a light wood table decorated with a silver lamp and pink tulips while working on their laptops in an Arizona commercial office space’s huddle room.

Are you looking to update your Arizona commercial office space to suit the modern workforce? With more people working flexible hours remotely than ever before, co-working spaces have become a popular option for many companies—but how do you create a co-working space, exactly? Explore our guide to help you craft the perfect atmosphere for your employees to thrive!

Why is Co-Working so Popular?

While co-working isn’t anything new, the concept has recently gained popularity in modern offices around the world. This is mainly due to both an increase in temporary employees needing a space to work and employers looking to give workers more flexibility to work in non-traditional environments. While investing in this type of space may create additional overhead costs for companies with remote workers, there are several reasons why these spaces can be beneficial for everyone in the long run.

Remote workers can easily connect and collaborate: Co-working spaces allow virtual workers to connect with others in a community-oriented area. While on-site employees benefit from in-person collaboration, it’s often difficult for remote talent to have similar experiences. Co-working allows remote workers to experience similar connections, which can help inspire collaboration and innovation—even in a virtual setting.

Millennials prefer open environments: Compared to traditional workspaces, co-working environments are designed to provide open seating and collaboration areas. This is especially important as the Millennials and Gen Z-ers flooding the job market typically prefer co-working spaces because they lead to better communication and problem-solving.

Greater productivity and autonomy: A recent study found that 84% of workers said they were more motivated when co-working. 89% also reported they were happier compared to virtual employees who worked solely from home or another location.

How to Create a Co-Working Atmosphere in Your Office

There are a variety of ways businesses can create an effective co-working space their employees will enjoy. A few features you can explore integrating into your office include:

Flexible work options: Flexible work hours or locations may increase productivity and focus, as well as reduce turnover. You may consider setting in-office hours that everyone is expected to work, allowing employees to choose when and where they want to work outside of that time.

Open workspaces: Rather than implementing a cubicle environment, your organization can utilize open seating for collaboration areas and meetings. If you do need a quiet spot for an impromptu brainstorm, huddle rooms are a great alternative. Their nimble size makes them a budget-friendly option and provides a more flexible approach to accomplishing tasks with a team.

Technology to encourage collaboration: In order to function efficiently, a co-working space must have the equipment employees need to complete everyday tasks. Businesses should be equipped with the right technology—such as video conferencing and live chat platforms—to foster collaboration with virtual employees.

Kitchenette: A cozy kitchenette or lounge bar offers employees a space to take a quick coffee break or relax and forget about their duties for a while. You can even stock the pantry with snacks so that workers can grab a quick bite in between meetings or when the 3 o’clock slump hits.

Are you looking for an Arizona commercial office space where you can craft the perfect co-working space for your employees? Take a look at some of our available properties to find the right spot for your organization’s modern workforce!

8 Steps to Have the Perfect Work Lunch

Camroad Properties talks how to have the perfect business lunch, outside of your AZ office space, in 8 steps.


While you may have plenty of Arizona office space for scheduling a meeting with a potential client, business connection, or even mentee, sometimes it’s better to get out of the office and meet over lunch. Not only does it give you the ability to step outside of your Tempe office space, but it allows you to get to know the connection better. Before you make the ask though, be prepared. We’ve compiled a how-to on hosting the perfect work lunch.


The Ask

Provide a description of the meeting, make it clear you’ll be acting as host, which includes picking up the bill, and give the invitee the ability to say no or meet at their office instead.

Select a Restaurant

The best option is to choose a place that you’ve been to before or use a website like Yelp for guidance. Make sure the menu has options for all different diets, including at least two, quality vegetarian entrees. Often, the best spots for a wide menu of offerings are bistros and steakhouses. Pick a moderately priced location with great reviews that your guest will feel comfortable at if they arrive dressed casually.


Check out the restaurant beforehand. Note the atmosphere and where the restroom is located, introduce yourself to the manager, view the seating situation, and gauge the music volume. If things check out, make a reservation to ensure you don’t have to wait day of. Give both your name and the name of the guests.

In addition to scoping out the restaurant, you need to prepare for the meeting. Check out LinkedIn profiles of guests, study the potential client’s website, and prepare materials that you want to share. Have a list of questions on hand that you’d like to ask.

Arrive Early
Arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled lunch time. Let the waitress know that it is a business lunch and kindly request to keep the interruptions to a minimum.

No Distractions
Turn off your phone to give your guest your full attention.

To Alcohol or Not to Alcohol
Unfortunately, there isn’t a consensus on whether alcoholic beverages are appropriate at business lunches. Although, it’s clear that you should never be the one to order the drink first. If you guest chooses to order one, have a response ready.

If you decide to also order one, make sure it is something light, like a light beer or glass of white wine. Another trick is to tell the waiter “I’ll just have water for now” so the guest doesn’t feel awkward if they are the only ones who order a drink. Whether or not you actually order an alcoholic drink later is up to you.

Order Wisely
Think about how you’re going to look eating an item. Match your order to your guests: if they order an appetizer salad or dessert and coffee after the entrée, you can too, otherwise forget it.

After Lunch
Don’t forget to send a note to the client thanking them for their time.
With these tips, you’ll be forming more relationships and, as an added bonus, have a meeting conducted outside of the walls of your Tempe office space. Of course, it’s certainly possible to host a successful work lunch at your AZ office space, especially if you have a conference room and want to meet with a group to go over materials that include a presentation.


Do you have any go-to restaurants in the area for business lunches? Let us know on the comments on our LinkedIn page.


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Matching AZ Office Space to Your Business

Friday, February 16th, 2018


Arizona commercial office space can be as unique as the clients we work with. Through years of working in the real estate industry, we’ve determined a few tried and true factors to consider when determining the right match between AZ office spaces and Arizona businesses. If you’re looking for an office for your business there are multiple things to consider — outside of price — to make a match stand the test of time, which in real estate terms equates to the lease length. So, let’s dive in.

Location, Location, Location
There’s a reason the popular saying is repeating the word “location” three times: it’s that important! Here are some things to consider in terms of location:

1. Employees
Your employees will be traveling every workday to this space. If you want to ensure employee satisfaction, consider the distance from your employees’ homes.

2. Clients
Your clients also need to be considered. If a client is sitting through an hour of traffic to get your office, they may consider taking their business elsewhere.

3. Other Businesses
Look for a space that has complementary businesses nearby. For an example, if you are an architect, an office space near a builder or interior designer is a better fit than near a grocery store or doctor’s office.

4. After Hours and Lunch Meetings
Are there places nearby for happy hours, lunch, and running errands? Your employees will thank you and it gives you an easy-to-access locations to meet clients for lunch.

Ease of Access
While the “cool factor” of an office space may rise the closer you get to a downtown area, it also bring some potential concerns that need to be considered.

1. Parking Constraints
Many downtown office spaces in Arizona have an issue with parking. If parking is offered, often there is a fee associated per spot. Consider the additional costs parking may incur. Also, make sure your clients have somewhere to park when they visit.

2. Traffic
Consider traffic during the times employees and clients will be traveling to the office.

3. 24 Hour Access
If you or your employees need access to your Arizona commercial office during off hours, ensure there is secured access available and consider the safety of the area during those hours.

The Space
Make sure you’re thinking about actual usable space when determining if the office space is right for your business. Items like elevators, stairs, kitchens, closets, and bathrooms are included in the total square feet, but are unusable for placing desks on. Talk to your broker about the amount you need. A good rule of thumb is around 70 square feet per person, and don’t forget about room to grow.

Lastly, you need to consider the visuals of your office space and its location. Determine if the building design matches your branding and if not, inquire if you have the ability to alter items. Some commercial office properties have strict rules, not allowing painting of walls or other decorative embellishments. Make sure you speak up if the space isn’t quite to your liking and talk with your broker about your options.

Of course, one crucial part to form the best match possible between your business and an AZ office space is finding the right broker. Contact us today, our Camroad Properties team specializes in Arizona commercial office space and we would love to help.



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What to Look for in a New Office Space

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

The most important boxes to check on your office space in AZ checklist.

You have been tasked with finding a new Tempe office space; daunting, right? Not so fast. Finding an office space in AZ, though meticulous, can be boiled down to a few key points that fit neatly in a checklist.


Being an Arizona commercial office broker means busy schedules, dozens of client relationships, and lots to do. With so much to manage, even the most efficient brokers can use all of the help they can get. Luckily, this help can be found as conveniently as ever, using only the smart phone in your pocket.


As dedicated commercial real estate professionals, all of us at Camroad Properties pride ourselves on operating office buildings to the highest industry standards. This translates into consistently high occupancy rates, and tenant retention rates averaging over 80% in all of our Arizona commercial real estate properties. As local owner-operators, you can rely on Camroad Properties to provide the best leasing opportunities for quality office space in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. Our knowledge of Arizona commercial real estate and our ability to react promptly to our clients' office space requirements is our specialty. We can customize office suites to fit any of your commercial real estate needs.
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