It’s a brand new year and members of your Phoenix office space have mostly likely made a few resolutions of their own. In fact, 45% of Americans make a resolution at the start of the New Year. But how many of that 45% actually achieve their resolutions? It’s not a lot.

Although your resolution may be to find an office for rent in Phoenix, many employees choose to make personal lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or becoming more active.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement are the biggest contributing factors to achieving a new lifestyle. Here’s how you can make your Phoenix office space a supportive environment for employees.


Plan Ahead

Any resolution made on a whim on the first day of January probably won’t last. A real resolution requires commitment. Many people have already decided (or at least have a clue of) the resolution they will be making long before the clock strikes midnight.

But just because you’ve had time to think that doesn’t mean you need to turn your resolution list into a novel or detailed bullet journal. Keep it simple with only one or two goals.


Add, Not Subtract

Don’t let employees focus on what they are cutting out of their daily life. Focusing on the negative will only make them lose focus. Instead, focus on the benefits.  For example:

If they are subtracting junk food, add healthy yet tasty snacks to the office kitchen.

If they are focused on the hassle of getting to the gym, encourage office walks during lunch breaks.

If they are trying to learn a new skill, remind them of the reasons why they wanted to learn that skill in the first place.

Everyone enjoys a little fun competition. As the New Year rolls over, create a chart and display it somewhere everyone in your Phoenix office space can see it. Encourage employees to track their progress and keep tabs on how others are doing. See who can keep up the longest streak of going to the gym every day or who can go the most days in a row without eating candy.


Get Back Up

Most resolutions fail when the novelty of the “New Year, new me” feeling wears off. After a few setbacks, employees might feel disheartened and lose sight of their goals. Positive reinforcement can get them back in the groove.

Create mid-year (or even quarterly!) check-ups. Remind them of their progress or help them get back on the horse with some positive encouragement.

Once you’ve reminded your Phoenix office space crew of their potential, they will channel your support to achieve their dreams.


If your 2019 goal is finding the perfect office for rent in Phoenix, take a look at our available office space properties. Be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date with all the office life advice and tips that we are dishing out in 2019!


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