As temperatures rise to triple digits across Arizona, it is more important than ever to research cooling solutions for a workspace that employees can feel comfortable in. Maintaining a cool and comfortable Phoenix office space is essential for employee productivity and well-being. Many business owners find themselves unprepared for the unique challenges that result from the Arizona heat. Camroad Properties has created a list of tips to help combat these obstacles and build a comfortable environment for all employees.

Understanding the Heat for Your Phoenix Office Space
In Arizona, the summer heat can be well above 100 degrees for a majority of the summer months, affecting both businesses and homes. The scorching heat not only prohibits outdoor activities, but also negatively affects indoor environments as well. Typical high temperatures can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and more.  Arizona’s low humidity levels adds an extra layer of challenges. As a result, maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment becomes crucial for your Phoenix office space.

Phoenix Office Space Cooling Solutions
To create a cool environment to combat high temperatures, implementing cooling solutions for a relaxing Phoenix office space starts with a proper HVAC system. This system should be capable of regulating temperature indoors, while minimizing energy consumption, therefore costing you less in the long run. Placing fans in well-thought out areas of the office can lead to proper airflow. Installing solar shades, or window tinting will reduce heat from direct sunlight, while keeping the natural light source intact. Adding a few indoor plants can boost air quality when opening your window might not be possible. Depending on your budget, implementing a smart thermostat can also help lower costs associated with temperature control.

Technology in Phoenix Office Space
Utilizing innovative technologies in your Phoenix office space can alleviate costs associated with high electricity bills in the summer. Specialized evaporative cooling systems utilize water to cool the air, while radiant cooling systems circulate water through the ceiling or floor, providing an alternative to traditional HVAC setups. IoT devices and sensors empower businesses to monitor temperature levels in real-time. With this data and analytics, companies can adjust their cooling settings for optimal efficiency, all while minimizing energy consumption.

Designing a Space for Embracing the Sun
If your business is interested in embracing the Arizona sun, many elements for your structure become important. Incorporating elements like skylights, light shelves, and reflective surfaces can effectively minimize the absorption of sunlight within your office space. Creating outdoor breakout areas might seem challenging at first, but with the addition of shaded structures, trees, and misting systems, employees can enjoy a refreshing dose of vitamin D to break up their day. While there are more unique set-ups many office buildings have incorporated, these few can turn your Phoenix office space into a comfortable environment that promotes employee well-being.

Creating a comfortable workspace in Phoenix can be a challenging task for new businesses. With strategic investments in equipment and design, businesses can create an environment that allows employees to thrive. If you’re seeking properties that integrate these practices, Camroad Properties is your partner in finding the perfect Phoenix office space tailored to your needs.

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