If the staff of your Tempe office space is acting a little off, their desks may be to blame. Sitting still for long periods of time can be harmful to a person’s health. Even if someone hits the gym every day, the damage from working behind the desk nonstop for hours on end is still something to be concerned about.


Here’s how to break up the monotony and keep employees healthy in your office space.


1. Brainstorming Walks

Instead of sitting around a table, encourage co-workers to go for a stroll around the Tempe office space as they brainstorm their latest projects. The fresh air and movement will kick-start new ideas and techniques. Plus, once they get back to the office, they’ll be ready to begin on the new project.


2. Standing Meetings

Standing during a meeting is a great way to stay moving while still working. It also fosters community. With everyone standing, there won’t be a sole leader singled out. Everyone will be on equal ground.

This method applies to phone meetings as well. Mandate a quiet corner of your office space in AZ and stand as you talk. Rack up some bonus points, if you can, and roam as you listen.

Really, it’s the little things (like moving for 30 seconds for every 30 minutes you’re sitting) that can make a big improvement.


3. Improved Office Space

Start at the root of the problem by tackling the office space itself. Studies show that an open floor plan encourages more movement. If doing away with cubicles isn’t possible there are still plenty of other ways to help.

Invest in a few standing desks to improve posture and blood circulation. Bring some exercise balls into your Tempe office space to replace chairs.


4. Bring Your Pet to Work

This is an easy one. Everyone in your Tempe office space is bound to get up so they can soak in the cuteness or play a quick game of catch with a puppy. But having a pet in the office increases movement and health in other ways. Employees can take turns leading their pets on a potty break or a quick walk about the block to burn up some energy. Getting up to refill the water bowl and food dish counts as well.


5. Ditch the Apps

It’s the old standard, but it’s a standard that has faded quickly in recent years thanks to all the food delivery apps popping up. Encourage employees to walk and pick up their lunch instead of using delivery.



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