We may not get much winter in the Valley of the Sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a holiday party in your Arizona office space! Were you put in charge of planning this year’s event? We have your tips for throwing a holiday bash your team will be raving about into the New Year!


Pick a Convenient Party Date Early On

For most people, the holiday season is a stressful time chock-full of endless activities with little free time to spare. To ensure your company’s holiday party is a pleasant affair, be careful to give your employees adequate notice with a save the date. You may even want to consider holding the party during office hours so you won’t be competing with other obligations they may have.


Bring in Some Festive Décor

Spruce up your Arizona office space with festive decorations. Party supply stores have endless options for inexpensive decorations you can use to celebrate the season. You can also stop by a shop that sells seasonal flowers to bring in a splash of color and flair to the décor. Additionally, sites like Pinterest are great sources for party decorating ideas if you need a little inspiration.


Tailor to Your Office Culture

Celebrations should be an extension of your office environment and culture. Is your organization’s personality formal or informal? Are you more family-oriented? Plan an event and activities to reflect the culture your employees know and love.


Don’t Let Drinking Get Out of Hand

Serving alcohol is the norm for most holiday parties, so long as none of your employees go overboard. Offer free transportation to all employees to eliminate any chance of someone driving under the influence. You can even hand out drink tickets to manage alcohol consumption.


Give a Personal “Thank You”

Food and drinks are nice, but the real holiday spirit comes in the form of appreciation. Make sure each member of your organization gets a thank you from company leaders, whether it be from the CEO or a direct manager. A gift card, small cash bonus, or thoughtful notes are great ways to show your gratitude for the work your employees do.


Don’t Pressure Employees to Attend

While it would be nice if everyone attended the event, don’t make it a requirement. Also, try to avoid creating situations in which employees might feel pressured into participating. You want the event to be one where employees feel recognized and valued for the contributions they make to the organization. This won’t happen if someone feels guilted into showing up.


Do Allow Plus-Ones

You should allow your employees to bring a significant other or friend to the party. Not only will they feel more comfortable, but they will also be more inclined to interact with their colleagues. If you have new employees, it’s comforting for them to know that they will have a friendly face if they don’t know many coworkers yet.


Don’t Forget Remote Team Members

While working from home has several perks, feeling left out of office camaraderie is certainly one of the major downsides. Remember them when you plan your party budget—send a small, personalized gift or a gift card for a nice dinner.


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