Google. Uber. Nike. How can your Arizona office space join their league? Simple. Dozens of the world’s leading companies have something in common: they all care about their employees’ sleep habits. Sleep pods are quickly invading offices around the world. While many of these pods may look strange, they offer employees a quiet, safe place to unwind and take a quick power nap. Phoenix office spaces would be wise to set aside a small room for one of their own.


Power Naps Increase Productivity

From Arianna Huffington to Bill Gates, top industry leaders admit that the key to their supply of creativity and productivity is being well-rested. Any Arizona office space can benefit from a focus on overall sleep health. A quick mid-afternoon nap can achieve better results than a constant stream of caffeine.

Sleep pods offer long-term ROI. Overall staff productivity, alertness, and quality of work output increased after the addition of an office sleep pod. Getting a healthy amount of sleep every day has been proven to lower stress levels, boost happiness, and increase focus. Companies who invest in a sleep pod often see sick days reduced and employee satisfaction go up.


Timing is Key

As you can tell, sleeping on the job isn’t a big no-no like it was in the past. However, there is a fine line between a helpful nap that increases alertness and a nap that makes you feel like you woke up in another century. Encourage employees to keep their naps down to twenty minutes. Any longer and the REM cycle will kick in, leaving employees groggy upon waking.


Down Time

Even if an employee takes a trip to the sleep pod in your Arizona office space but doesn’t fall asleep, it is not time wasted. There are still plenty of benefits. Many top of the line sleep pods come equipped with light dimmers, serene white noise makers, and cushions. Employees who take a few minutes for some downtime to unwind in the middle of a busy day will still leave with a clearer mind and heightened alertness than if they had just slogged through their exhaustion.

If you really want to make sure your employees are ready to embrace the sleep pod revolution ask for their input. After all, they may have some good suggestions, such as knowing where the prime quiet spot is in the office. Don’t forget to make a ‘do not disturb’ sign to hang on the door.

Does your Arizona office space have a sleep pod or designated quiet space? Tell us about your experience on our LinkedIn page.


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